Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stack Rundown, 03/16/2013

Somewhat of a light week within my pull list, as in, not a whole lot of heavy hitters this week, but there were some gems here and there. Hit the jump for my thoughts on this week's stack.

Demon Knights #18

I've really been liking this title since Venditti took over. Vampires attacking Themyscira? Pretty good. One of the things I liked when I first read this title at the launch of the New 52 was the dynamic between Xanadu, Jason and Etrigan, the whole "who does Xanadu actually love and who is she play?" question, and we get a bit more of it this time around, now that Jason can speak again, which just leads to him fucking over Etrigan pretty bad, and very cleverly. Looking forward to Cain's forces going up against the Amazons for real next issue, should be fun. Going to miss Bernard Chang when he moves over to Green Lantern Corps, he's been turning out some great pages here.

Deathstroke #18

What does the solicit say, Deathstroke faces the Teen Titans or Ravagers, or whatever? Yeah, not happening... or didn't happen. Gonna guess that solicit got written before the title was cancelled, regardless, it seems Jordan would be tying both this book and Team 7 together towards their conclusions, which is pretty clever. If you've only go so many issues left, might as well make them worth it. It's weird how this issue explains why Slade is going after Lynch in last month's issue of Team 7, but whatever... they're getting cancelled, who cares about timing, right?!

Suicide Squad #18

So, I've made clear my thoughts on Not-Kobra, how they need to screw off, but you know what else needs to happen? Kurt Lance needs to fucking do something. Started off as this "Black Canary killed her husband," then we found out he was alive, and ever since he's just been sort of floating around a bunch of different books and never actually fucking doing anything. He made Dinah's powers spark for a bit, but like a lot of things in Birds of Prey, nothing came from it... He showed up in Teen Titans and talked to Solstice for some reason, and now he's gotten his ass kicked and kidnapped by a character who I give no fucks about... I've never seen so much effort be put into a new character, yet has done nothing. Oh, and I guess Yo-Yo died again? Sure.

Team 7 #6

You can sort of tell things are being rushed to a conclusion, which is unfortunate. Since the last issue, I read that Jordan had a 25 issue plan, but now you got to think with all the shitty debuts from DC recently, that's a real crapshoot. It's unfortunate, because I'm sure the build up of this Bronson guy being the new Mr. Majestic was probably something way better than this last minute twist we got. What  actually comes form this? Who knows. Hopefully Jordan ties up the series well... and explains to us what happens with Kurt Lance, because god damn, I need something on that front.

The Darkness #111

So, this crossover hasn't turned out the way I thought it would. I thought it was going to be another all out Artifacts battle, but it really hasn't turned out that way. First it was "Artifacts bearers, HOOOO--OH SHIT JACKIE IS STRONG!" then it was "Sarra, go get 'em... oh you're crying about your kid? Damn." Now it's Tom and Tilly just walking into Jackie's front door, finding Jenny, who has gone batshit insane, then getting their ass kicked by Hope and Jackie's doppelganger. And now they have to kill Jenny, because she's the key to the fucked universe... but spoiler alert, it's not going to happen... The next Artifacts better have a big pay off to it, because so far Progeny is pretty lackluster.

Secret Avengers #2

I'm noticing a trend with me and a good chunk of Marvel books... if it doesn't have Uncanny or X in the title, or doesn't have a really good hook/style, my interest in the title has the distinct possibility in waining, rather quickly. That's exactly where I came out of this issue, I thought the first issue's premise of the heroes having no clue what they're doing, and all these crazy ass twists coming out from nowhere was pretty cool... Then this issue didn't have much of that at all... so I came out of this thinking "am I really going to keep buying this?" I'll also say the $3.99 for 20 pages price point doesn't help either. I think I may give this one another issue or two though, but we'll see come next month.

Uncanny X-Men #3

"Uncanny" AND "X" in the title, that means I like it! I just came to the realization that on DC, I'm a Batman fan, and on Marvel, I'm an X-Men fan... Shit, I'm predictable. Regardless, I'm really loving this title. In my X-Men reading so far, I've shared the same thought as a lot of people... Cyclops kind of sucks. He was just fucking annoying, and preachy, yet he's the leader of them all and blah blah blah. Whatever. Now, everyone hates him, and he's got a bit of an edge to him, enough of one to actually make him interesting to me, and his whole revolution thing could be pretty interesting, especially when he confronts the real X-Men next issue, and the past X-Men at some point in the future. Bendis has really been doing a great job so far.

Thor: God of Thunder #6

Thor book, minus Thor. This issue was the antagonist, Gorr's origin, and boy does it suck. For a guy who hates gods so much, you had to figure some bad stuff happened when he needed gods in his life, and it sure did. Every time someone mentions gods to him, bad shit happens. Mother gets killed, wife gets killed, children die... yep, gods didn't do a whole lot for him. Enjoyed when the Asgardian pointed out to him that he essentially became one, good point! 

Fearless Defenders #2

So, if you asked me why I'm reading this title, I probably couldn't tell you. I saw it and thought "I like Birds of Prey, that looks like Marvel's version... sure" then went with it. It's been pretty enjoyable since... Ladies fighting scary ladies, swords, fighting, metal breastplates... sure, it's cool. I have no idea who any of these characters are, but from what I can tell, it doesn't really matter. It's not a book that requires a lot of continuity knowledge coming in, nor does it ask you to learn a lot while reading. It's simple fun, and I'm enjoying it, so, whatever! I guess they fight Marvel's Not-Wonder Woman next issue?


  1. I find Yo-Yo to be very annoying, which is why I didn't like the issue. Which title would you like Kurt to become a permenant addition to? My choice would be Teen Titans

  2. I didn't have any interest in Team 7 until I actually read it, then I really liked it. Maybe the A-Team or merc dynamic isn't popular anymore, I dunno, but I think Team 7 and Deathstroke should have beeen carried a little longer. If for no other reason, in Deathstroke's case, than to give people a chance to come back after Liefield screwed it all up.

    Yo-Yo is an underdog. A kid with supid powers who no one likes. I don't mind him. If he can't be killed, then he's a perfect agent for Suicide Squad. If he stays dead, he was redeemed and I hope they leave it at that.

    Kurt Lance seems to be a weapon for Waller and nothing more. No personality, just a tool. He'll probably figure big into the Trinity war, but I doubt he'll have any real meat to his story. Just someone we're supposed to give a deuce about because Canary did. He will die, saving the day. Wank.

    1. I kind of like the idea of him being the puppet of Waller, if they do it right. Which I think Lobdell can do.