Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stack Rundown, 03/02/2013

So, I wrote a good long post last night, and this morning as I was heading out the door, I figured "why not put it up now instead of it's scheduled time." Innocent thought, right? Well, I thought I saw something wrong, changed it, but turns out it wasn't wrong... so I pressed undo a couple too many times and then everything disappeared. Soooooo, I'm going to re-write the post, only do it really briefly, cus I would rather not write everything out again.

Aquaman #17

So this was a nice epilogue issue, that really illustrates the tension that we will sure enough see develop between Arthur and the Atlanteans. I also think something is up with Waller, probably going to try and screw things up between Mera and Aquaman, or something like that. Paul Pelletier's art was really nice in this issue, especially that double page spread.

Teen Titans #17

Weird issue... so either Tim got real screwed up from Joker, or he's being possessed by Raven or something, I don't know. I'm pretty ready for a different writer to take on the book. I'm just not feeling it right now, and I don't think Eddy Barrows was a great choice for the title. His style just doesn't seem to fit... and he really needs to quit it with that weird creepy ass toothy grin face he always does.

I, Vampire #17

AAAAAH, Everyone is dying! By Mary, and John... I care more about Mary. I have a feeling that she'll be back with some vampire hoodoo, but maybe not, and this is a week where everyone just freaking dies. Still a good book, and probably will be to the end. Wonder if Fialkov was ever considered for Constantine, because he should have been.

The Flash #17

Gorilla Warfare arc wrapped up, and it was pretty good. I'm interested to see how Patty and Barry's relationship will work now that Patty knows Barry's secret. Also, I'm willing to bet that Darwin is the new Reverse Flash, because he turned out to be quite the dick, didn't he?

Justice League Dark #17

Oh hey! Zatanna did something this month! Sort of. Anyways, this is where Xanadu explicitly says that one of their team members won't make it back, and I have a feeling it'll be Tim Hunter, buuuuut Xanadu is also saying that Constantine is gonna get Zatanna killed, which he better not, because Zee is the shit! Also, for some reason, I really took notice to Mikel Janin's art this issue, it was really good.

Hack/Slash #24

Only one more issue of this series, and just because not enough people died this week, why not throw one more in, cus Vlad got stabbed in the chest, and will probably die too. Gonna be sad to see this book go, hopefully the finale is pretty big, Seeley has had this series going on in some format for quite a while.

Artifacts #25

So the story of all the Artifacts bearers taking on Jackie is FINALLY happening. The only thing that is weird is it feels like a couple issues were skipped, because Magdalena is just there, chilling. I know there were some issues solicited with her before this, but it turned into those two issues with Tom in DC and then the one with Finch. Then, to make it even weirder, those Magdalena issues are coming after this crossover? I don't know. Going to miss Stjepan Sejic on this title after #26.

The Legend of Luther Strode #3

Luther Strode is still hyper violent and awesome, shocking, I know. This time with added butt sex joke. This is a title for the kids. We find out that Jack the Ripper was also a student of Cain, or whatever it's called, so the back half of this series is sure to be crazy violet... which is ok for me.

Uncanny Avengers #4

So this book is coming together pretty nicely. It's not hitting the magic that was Remender's Uncanny X-Force, but it's starting to mesh well. Am I the only one that got a "they're totally gonna do it" vibe with Havoc and Scatlet Witch? Also, the final pages were supposed to be all "WWWWAAAAAA" but since I'm pretty new to the Marvel U, I'm just like "Oh, okay, cool, sure"

Uncanny X-Force #2

Speaking of Uncanny X-Force, this book is pretty weird in all the right ways. Bishop is apparently bear spirt guy now? I don't know, it's kind of crazy. Betsy is still cool, Storm is whatever, but Puck is really awesome. Also, I can't wait to see Cluster and Betsy together, because it seems Cluster still has some of Fantomex's feelings for her. Should be even weirder! 

Uncanny X-Men #2

Because there weren't enough books with "Uncanny" in the title this week. Anyways, this was a more "passive" issue focusing on the characters a bit, mostly Emma Frost. I'm pretty interested to see what she actually does in this title, seeing that her powers aren't working, she's not with Scott anymore, and lord knows what else. I really grew fond of Emma in Morrison's New X-Men, so hopefully Bendis does something cool with her. 

FF #4

So, I ended up reading this and Fantastic Four sometime last month. Didn't really like Fantastic Four, but this title is all sorts of weird, which I find really endearing. Case and point, those weird little alien things and their crush on She-Hulk. This book is just odd, but so fun. Allred's art is really good too.

Hawkeye #8

Speaking of weird, and Matt Fraction... sort of, god damn Hawkeye is great. How can you not like the Tracksuit Mafia? Especially the leader? Old guy with LL Cool J hat, Kanye glasses, and says "bro" every other word? Best villain ever. This issue specifically was a pretty awesome femme fatale issue, with Clint punching face in a strip club. Just a crazy book, oozing with style, as always.


  1. I agree with you that the art in Teen Titans is slightly off but I'm definitely looking forward to what they do with Tim now. So maybe keep Scott on this title a little while longer.

    1. Nah! I'm done with TT I think it has been a pretty big mess from the get go. I'm looking forward to something fresh like they did with RHATO.

    2. I'm not saying do something fresh after we get done with this current arc, but I definitely want to see this "Evil Tim" thing come to it's natural conclusion

  2. The image at the top of the post, what comic is that from? It looks awesome.

  3. Did I miss something? Where's the Panels of the Week?