Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #6

So while Calvin is surrounded by a number of Talons, elsewhere, Sebastian Clarke is freaking out about how he's going to run into John Wycliffe, the current Grand Master of the Court. Casey is a bit suspicious of how Sebastian is acting, as Wycliffe isn't listed anywhere in the documents she has seen, but Sebastian reassures her that Wycliffe is bad news... hmm.

In the tunnels Calvin is trapped in, turns out the three Talons are a Grandfather, father and son, the O'Malley family, only grandpappy is a bit of a dick, and unhappy with his grandson for never producing an heir, thus having the Court resort to finding Talons outside their bloodline. While family feud goes down, Calvin uses some tense ass wire, strings two of them up, and perches on the line, releasing the pressure on the plate that trapped him, freeing him from the cage. Calvin makes his escape, but the Talons figure that the turbines will soon kick in, and the water will flood him out. Nathaniel, the youngest, wants to prove himself, and goes after Calvin anyways.

Elsewhere, Casey decides to do some digging, and tells her daughter to stay away from Sebastian for a little while.

In the tunnels, sure enough, the turbines kicked in, and the water flooded Calvin and Nathaniel-Talon out. As Calvin tries to climb up through an exit ladder, Nathaniel, hops on his back, telling him it's a dummy exit, where the rungs eventually become electrified, while casually stabbing Calvin in the shoulder.

Calvin tries to reason with Nathaniel, pointing out that he knows how the Court operates, and just wants their Talons to find whoever and produce a child for them, pretty easy... But Calvin figures that Nathaniel knows how horrible the life is, and didn't want to subject any child to that. Sure enough, Calvin is right, and pleads for Nathaniel to help him

Elsewhere in Gotham, Felix Harmon checks in with the Court, telling him that he's found even larger prey, the Batman (who is investigating Harmon's crime scene with Gordon). The Court freaks out and tells Harmon not to engage, threatening to detonate the cryobombs they put into his skull. Harmon has to agree, then cuts off his communication with his masters... then he follows that up, by digging his own fingers through his eyes to reach, and take out the cryobombs... damn.

In the tunnels, the two other Talons begin to ask if they'd even bother reviving Nathaniel, if he got frozen. Grandpappy of course doesn't, but Nathaniel's father goes the "family is family" route. Much to both of their surprise, Nathaniel eventually shows up with Calvin on his back.

As Casey snoops around Sebastian's building, Calvin wakes up to find himself in front of John Wycliffe, the Grandmaster of the Court. Things get weird, as Wycliffe commends Calvin on all the work he's done for the Court in the recent months. Calvin doesn't get the gag. Wycliffe asks why he's dressed up like a Talon then, and sort of laughs off the "I was sending a message" response.

You see, Wycliffe doesn't see Calvin's actions as "depleting" Court resources, it's more of a reacquiring for other individuals. Wycliffe himself hasn't been the Grandmaster for all that long. Recently, the previous Grandmaster aligned himself with another member who ended up pitting the Court against Batman, then killed twenty or so ranking Court members (this should sound familiar). When the Court laid low, they decided it was time for a leadership change, but the Grandmaster had escaped before the Court could kill him.

WHO is this Grandmaster  you ask? Well, maybe the owl mask that Casey finds in one Sebastian Clarke's safe will give it away!


The Good:

This book just does everything right. Great new characters, expanding the original Court story in Batman and a great twist, which I feel stupid for not seeing coming. Yeah, I don't know how the old creepy guy who recruits Calvin in issue #0 didn't immediately come to mind when Calvin meets Sebastian in #1. Yeah! I'm dumb! But, at the same time, it was genuinely great to be surprised like that. Outside of the main plot, what Harmon does to himself, was insane (and awesome), and the use of Batman in this title is smart, IE Tynion and Snyder aren't going overboard with him just yet. Just a page or two here, only a few lines of dialogue. This book has really been given the chance to breath on its own, something I greatly appreciate, as it obviously benefits from that fact.

The Bad:

Nothing comes to mind this issue.

The Bottom Line:

Like I said above, this issue just did everything right. The twist was fun, and makes me excited for how things will play out in this book in the future. Sebastian and Calvin's relationship was rocky to begin with, but now I'm really looking forward to how shitty it could potentially get. I mean, just the fact that Calvin has potentially been working for a sect of the Court this entire time is nuts. This issue really just encompassed everything a good book needs, Great characters, great art, and an engaging story.



  1. I am curious to the reasoning Calvin will use to continue to wear the Talon suit now.

    He's been basically Sebastian's middle finger rather than his own. Continuing to wear it makes sense for the series title to stay in place but I can't wait to see the recoil effect that reveal has on Calvin's psyche.

  2. I like Talon alot, and I'm super stoked to read Batwing now as of issue 19. Does anyone else think Calvin is a cross between Azrael(Jean Paul Valley), and Gambit from the X-men story wise? It almost feels like the Court replaced the Order, and Calvin's costume reminds me of an Azrael/Gambit combo. Plus the escape artist thing(while specifically thievery also reminds me of gambit. I'm so pleased they decided to do more with the Court of Owls.