Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Nightwing #18

It wasn't long ago, where Dick was getting a pep talk from Damian about not losing sight of who he is, but now Dick stands at Damian's grave, not knowing how he's supposed to do what he normally does, and move forward. As Dick says, he's lost a brother.

Dick, bandaged, beaten up, and unshaven, sits alone in his condo, as Sonia Zucco calls, trying to get in touch with him, and eventually meet up. Dick doesn't take the call, and as he's listening to the message, a package comes for him. It's the game he and Damian planned to play together, and the sight of it is enough to get Dick to throw his phone against the wall in anger.

Dick eventually meets with Sonia, who tells him a story about her past, before her father died, but after he had abandoned her on the run. It was about her time in foster care and how it created some issues with letting people in. She goes on to tell Dick that it's okay to need to lean on people from time to time, and it's way better than shutting everyone out.

Nevertheless, Dick just wants to be alone for awhile, but Bruce has other plans for him, as Dick finds him waiting in his condo, telling him to suit up. Turns out Bruce got a hit on the Dealer, and found out he'd be auctioning off a Flying Graysons costume, figuring Dick would like to know. Dick asks what Bruce is not telling him, as Bruce assures him, that's it.

Sure enough, the Dealer attempts to auction off the costume, but Dick crashes the party, turning the auction into chaos. The Dealer attempts to fight back, as the auction goers start bidding on Dick's limbs as they fight.

Dick eventually proves to be too much for the Dealer, who uses an explosion of Joker gas to mask his escape, starting a fire in his wake. Dick looks towards his father's costume, to get it out before it burns, but notices many of the auction goers are trapped in the fire, something he can't ignore.

So, having saved... partially innocent lives, and letting his father's costume go up in flames, Dick has a bit of a revelatory moment, causing him to later revisit Damian's grave. This time, Dick speaks to Damian with less weight on his shoulders, knowing that even in death, Damian would be annoyed at Dick for being all mopey. So, in order to honor his fallen brother, Dick decides to take his advice, and be the person who Damian said he was (last issue).

Dick later meets with Sonia again, who has something to talk about, and decides to get it over with, even if Dick decides to never speak to her again. She hands Dick a laptop, and it doesn't take long for a look of shock to come over Dick's face. Elsewhere, in Chicago, some local thugs are roughing up a sure to be crooked labor rep. Back in Gotham, Dick asks about the funeral he had attended, wanting to know if it was a fake or not. Sonia doesn't know much, all she knows is that she got this photo, and it's real. Back in Chicago, the guy getting roughed up gets let go with a warning, and meets up with an associated with a familiar face. Finally, Sonia straight up tells Dick that her father, Tony Zucco, is alive.


The Good: 

I was really concerned with how this issue would deal with the "Requiem" part of things. Outside of Batman and Robin and Batman, they've all been off hand mentions amounting to not a whole lot. Safe to say, I wasn't let down with the Damian part of the book. Dick needed these scenes about Damian, as there was probably no character closer to him, outside of Bruce. Higgins definitely delivered in that aspect, and made it feel natural to the story, rather than half-heartedly patched in. As for the other big part of this issue, I'm all for it, and ready for the ride, so to speak.

The Bad: 

In some spots, the art just irked me. Once again, I think using different inkers than Cifuentes (who I believe inked Ryp's Birds of Prey and Talon issue) really contributed to the general feel that I wasn't digging too much.

The Bottom Line:

This issue delivered the emotional beats that Dick Grayson really needed to have in regards to Damian, and it also set up a great new direction for the series. Zucco being alive is more than enough reason form me to get Dick to move to Chicago, so consider me really excited for where this issue left the series.


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  1. The Zucco reveal was my favorite part. That's not to say the Damian stuff wasn't great, it's just the Zucco stuff has been building for awhile.