Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #18

Hey look, it's our friend Mr. Freeze again! This time, he's got himself a Talon, and isn't being very nice to the deadguy assassin, trying to find out where the Court is hiding, so he can take his revenge on them. The Talon refuses to give up his masters, which leaves Freeze to go after his next target, while an unknown figure puts a few rounds into the Talon's brain.

Elsewhere in Dinah's dojo, Babs is thanking Dinah for taking Strix in, who is sparring with Condor. Strix ends up getting a little too serious, and sends Condor through a mirror. When Dinah tries to break it up, Strix turns on her, until Babs restrains her. Everyone eventually calms down, and shortly after Babs leaves, Ev turns to Dinah to try and see whats going on. Dinah doesn't want to talk about her powers going nuts, which sort of pisses Starling off, causing her to leave, telling Dinah to call when she feels like being honest.

The next day Dinah eats alone at a diner, where an elderly woman sits down with her, as it was the only spot open. The woman is nearly 100 years old, which astonishes Dinah. The two begin to chat, Dinah says some cryptic stuff, and it gets to the point where the woman ends up telling her she needs to forgive herself to move on from whatever.

Dinah returns to her dojo to find it cleaned up, but shortly after both Babs and Ev come rushing in, claiming to have gotten an urgent text from Dinah. The room starts to get cold, and surprise, surprise, Freeze shows up, demanding they hand over Strix.

The Birds obviously have nothing to do with Freeze's demands, and put up a fight. Some freezing happens, and long story short, Freeze kidnaps Starling, and offers a trade.

Dinah, no longer feeling sorry for herself, basically goes "Fuck that noise!" (my words) and rallies her team for a fight.


The Good: 

Christy Marx sort of came out of some serious obscurity, but she has turned in good work on Sword of Sorcery, and it carried over to her first issue of Birds as well. She seems to have a voice for the characters, and kept the story pretty simple, something that this title needs. It seems like Marx has set up the title to really start dealing with all the issues that have just been treading water since issue #1 (mainly, all of Dinah's drama). I'm really interested in where this book goes from here on out.

The Bad: 

Boy there was some bad fucking timing today. As you may recall, Jim Zub was supposed to write this issue, but what he wanted to do didn't gel with what editorial wanted to do, and he was kicked off before he could even be solicited for a second issue. Sound familiar? I'm sure he could share a drink and story or two with Andy Diggle and Josh Fialkov at a convention bar. But my problem comes in with the fact that this was pretty much the same solicited story that Jim Zub was going to write... so who's story is it really? I know it really shouldn't factor in, but I had that thought before I read it this morning, and that sort of scummy feeling I had in the back of my head was brought to new levels after today's drama.

For the actual issue itself, while I thought it was a good start, it did seem pretty light in a few ways, which isn't all that unexpected for issues that start new arcs, but still, I feel like some things could have been tweaked to make things a bit meatier, such as how Dinah comes to stop feeling sorry for herself. One off old lady (probably?) didn't quite do it for me.

The Bottom Line:

Drama aside, I'm really open to Christy Marx taking this book in a new direction, if she can just sort of streamline things, while keeping the characters fun, and the action high, then we'll be good. This issue was a step in the right direction, and I feel like while it may have been slow in some spots, once things get moving, it'll be really fun.


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