Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwoman #18

It's a handicap match between Mr. Freeze and a team of Batwoman and Flamebird Hawkfire, with Chase in Kate's ear and Kate's father in Bette's. Better is still a bit inexperienced and ends up falling victim to some of Freeze's tricks, to which she wants to use her flamethrowers to get her out of. Jake advises against that, as it would burn up the little oxygen around her, but she does it anyway. Big explosion of ice, shrapnel in Freeze's leg, and he's done once Kate grabs his gun.

At this point, Kate cuts the visual feed Chase had on her, to Chase's dismay, then ends up kicking the shard of ice deeper into Freeze's leg once he refuses to stay down. When all is calm, everyone here's a "I'll take it from here," and instantly gets an "Oh, crap..." feeling, even for those listening in through the radios. Batman shows up, asking for Freeze's gun, which Kate isn't exactly ready to give over, as she claims it to be her case. Chase makes it known that the gun is now DEO property and not to give it to Batman. Batman tells Kate he can help get her out of whatever she's gotten herself into, but Kate ignores him, breaks the gun, and tells him he can have half... which sort of pisses him off, but Kate and Bette leave anyways.

Back on the DEO's yacht, Chase meets with Mr. Bones and a psych specialist as they discuss Kate's increasing insubordination. The conclusion they come to is to release the "party crasher" to see how far Kate will go to save her family, thus cooperating with them to do so. (For the party crasher, I suggest you look at Batwoman #17, page 20.)

Elsewhere, Jake comes home to find his wife pretty distressed. While looking for the cat, she ended up in Bette's room, and found her old costume. Being a smart woman, she figures that Bette wasn't the first he's trained, and tells her husband he's going to get the girls killed.

Even Maggie meets with a real-estate agent, as her and her new fiancé seem to be moving in together.

The next day! Chase meets with a figure walking out of some rural looking water, who she apparently hasn't seen in two years.


The Good:

I've really liked Trevor McCarthy's art since Gates of Gotham. He's a really great replacement for Williams, as he sticks with the style (double page spreads, unique page boarders, panel layout) the book is known for, which creates a nice sense of continuity from artist to artist. In terms of the story, while it was brief, the interaction between Bruce and Kate was very tense, and I'll welcome more, as I believe Batwoman became a little too black sheepish for it's own good. Some integration into Gotham proper will do it some good. Really enjoyed that aspect of the new plot line.

The Bad:

The use of Mr. Freeze seems pretty poorly planned with him appearing in another book this week, but it's not a huge deal. The biggest issue I had with this issue is that it felt real choppy towards the end. The confrontation with Freeze/Batman takes up a good chunk of the book, then the unconnected scenes (combined with the fact some are double page spreads, requiring no page turning, thus seem a bit shorter mentally) creates a real quick pace for the second half. Then, a long standing issue I have with the title comes up again, where I feel like there should be one more page with the final reveal/hook for the next issue. Not seeing who Chase is talking to is really abrupt, and while there's some sense of "who is that?" I'd rather have it be revealed in that one more page, and be left with a "oh shit!" to get me excited for the next issue.

I also would have liked to have seen a bit more with Maggie. No real response to last issues surprise, no dealing with the fact that her soon to be wife is Batwoman, no nothing. Perhaps we'll get more later, but I feel as if it probably should have been addressed in this issue.

The Bottom Line: 

After the long Medusa arc, this issue feels like a breath of fresh air. While it seems this next arc may be a bit more grounded and less grand, it's a welcome change in my book, as we'll be getting more integration into the Bat world, more focus on the supporting characters, and all the good stuff that comes with it. If it wasn't for those nagging habits this book has had since the start, I would have been entirely satisfied with this issue.


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