Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #18

So, Matu Ba's ass gets lit up by what I'm gonna call a megaton cannon, just because. Sky Pirate, believing Matu to be the man in the Batwing suit, reports back to Marksbury, receives his payment, and goes on his merry pirate way.

Meanwhile, in the prison riot, David's old friend Dawn shoots the two police officers who would have killed David, but says "sorry" anyways, shooting David in the leg, while she helps Marksbury's son escape. David tries to reason with her, telling her that the man she's saving killed children, but Dawn points out, so did David.

David gets brought into the hospital, while being told to keep the "two police officers tried to kill you" detail on the D/L. David tries to contact Matu on his way to the hospital, but has no luck. Shortly after arriving, he finds out why, as Matu is in serious condition at the burn ward, and manages to mumble to David the name of the orphanage where they first met.

The next day, David inspects the wreckage, making sure everything was destroyed to keep all necessary secrets, and Sky Pirate's crew realizes they got the wrong man... "oh well" is Sky Pirate's response. Elsewhere, Dawn is getting payment from Marksbury, but he tries to kill her, and she escapes.

David is pissed, and heads back to his police HQ, where he beats the shit out of some corrupt cops with his crutches. He's called into the office where he's suspended, after it was found that the two police officers where shot with his gun. David doesn't understand this, he doesn't believe Dawn picked up his gun, or he thinks Marksbury is paying some people off. Who knows. Nevertheless, he heads back to the orphanage.

David has a few memories walking through the place, but eventually comes across a hidden Batwing suit Matu had stashed. David puts the suit on, and comes to terms with himself, it's time for him to stop hiding who he is, it's time for people to die.


The Good:

This was an alright issue. I like the concept of David just being pushed to the edge, and going all out now. Sure, it is to set him up as exiting the role, and bringing whoever else in, but whatever, it's sort of fun.

The Bad: 

Buuuuut, on the other hand, David was a character with so much potential, yet now it seems everyone has given up and decided to move on as if he never mattered. He's still an important part of Batman Inc, and while Morrison will be leaving soon, it's sort of weird that they're just fucking over David in his own book.

Also, I really don't like the art. I hope they bring in someone new for when Palmiotti and Gray take over. I know this guy was solicited for the issue, but I hope it was just "let's put a name there while we figure this one out." Not only do I find the art aesthetically unpleasing, but the storytelling is lacking as well. There are numerous scenes in this book where it just feels like a panel or two are missing.

The Bottom Line:

Surprise, surprise. I'm still somewhat indifferent with this book. While I welcome the much needed change, this issue just feels like all possibility this title once held was squandered. That, and the art leave themselves on even playing ground for whatever is good in this issue. As usual, nothing is outwardly terrible, but nothing is all too great either.


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