Monday, March 25, 2013

One Last Batman Inc. Issue for Grant Morrison & Co.?

For awhile now, both Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham have pointed out that issue #12 of Batman, Incorporated would be their finale on the series (and thus, Grant's finale for Batman in general). But something of note popped up today when trade listings from DC for this fall/winter showed up on sites like Bleeding Cool... The Batman, Inc. vol. 2 hardcover was listed as collecting issues #7 through 13.

Now, often trade listings are very tentative, and sometimes flat out wrong in terms of what they actually collect, a point I made on twitter, but then I got this in response:


Well... it probably means that Morrison (and I assume Burnham) will be getting one more issue of Batman, Inc. than we had originally been told, much like Action Comics #18 this month. At the latest, we'll find out three Mondays from now (as there are five in April) on the 15th, when July solicitations hit.


  1. An extra issue of Morrison's Inc story? Yes, please.

  2. Im conflicted. Is it me or does an extra issue AFTER Damian's death feel too long to wrap up the story?

    Sure, I would love some more Morrison Batman, but It feels like INC should conclude two to three issues after the lil' guys death. Five feels too much.

    Maybe that's just me.

  3. I will never complain about more Batman from Grant Morrison and/or Chris Burnham. NEVER.

  4. DC has an ad up on CBR saying "Requiem: The Epic Storyline Concludes in Batman, Inc 9-13"