Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stack Rundown, 02/23/2013

I think this is a record week for me, a whopping 16 titles to write about... Why am I doing this again?

This week was a big one for DC, with the launch of Justice League of America and JLA's Vibe, both of which I read. Then I read pretty much every single issue Image put out this week, and some Marvel stuff as usual. So many, many comics.

Justice League #17

So before the big #1 of the week, Geoff Johns had to finish up the Throne of Atlantis storyline, and did so in grand fashion. Not going to lie, I think this was the best issue of the series. Full of action, great art, and genuinely emotional moments. The scenes between Arthur and his brother were pretty heavy, with Arthur manipulating the situation to have Orm give up the throne, thus giving up his diplomatic status, allowing him to be arrested. You genuinely feel bad for Orm who is by no means a bad guy, just misguided in his counter attack on the surface world, but Arthur's actions could very well turn him into a bad guy. It'll be interesting to see where Aquaman goes now, and the next issue of this series should be good with them officially opening the ranks.

Justice League of America's Vibe #1

Back when this book was announced, I, like many people, went "WTF?!" You know, "What the Fifty-Two!?" Cus that's what that stands for, but I digress... So this was pretty good. No dumb breakdancing or whatever the hell Vibe used to do, just an origin story, tied very directly to both past and present events, with some interesting teases in terms of Darkseid. Yes, Darkseid teases in Vibe. Who the hell knew? This book definitely has the possibility of being a big sleeper hit.

Justice League of America #1

Oh, so another really good Justice League book came out this week? Man, it was a pretty big week for Geoff Johns. GUESS WHAT! It was pretty god damn good. I'm really into the entire concept of creating a team whose specific purpose is to go toe to toe with the normal Justice League. The cast of characters are weird as all hell, but just weird enough to be really awesome as well. I'm really interested in seeing how this team forms, as well as the Secret Society of Super-Villians who we now know to be expanding their ranks. Geoff Johns is building up something big, and I've got a feeling it's going to be great fun. Oh, and Johns probably wrote Selina Kyle better in those three pages than Ann Nocenti has in her entire Catwoman run to date, just throwing that one out there.

DC Universe Presents #17

So I picked up this month's issue of DCU Presents, staring Roy Harper, cus I love me some Outlaws. I thought it was pretty entertaining as Roy has been one of those characters who really benefited from the New 52 reboot, at least in my opinion. The only issue I had with it was early on, it really seemed like Roy and Jason's personalities were switched, especially in Roy's inner monologue. Definitely going to check out the Starfire one next month.

Green Lantern #17

Ain't no party like a Geoff Johns party cus a Geoff Johns party don't stop! Seriously, Johns is one of those guys where every now and then he has a week where four books with his name hit, because why the hell not? Anyways, after a completely underwhelming threat of the Third Army (seriously, Johns barely even used them in his own book, that's weird, right?) It seems like the First Lantern, and all his attempts to literally bend reality will be a serious threat, and a big one to have Johns go out on... but Johns just likes killing off all his leads, because Baz "dies" in this issue, but it does bring him in contact with both Hal and Sinestro, so shit is probably about to get good. It'll be interesting to see where this story goes with the other titles, as they've been listed as "Part One, Two, etc" but looking through them at the shop, I think that is a bit misleading.

Wonder Woman #17

Did Geoff Johns right this one too? I don't know, maybe, whatever. Another good issue of Wonder Woman, as usual. Still all the good modern greek myth stuff to love, ect. Don't have a lot of new thoughts to say... I will mention that the tense dynamic between Diana and Brian Azza War is really, really good.

Action Comics #17

I'm really glad that Grant Morrison got one more issue on the title, because if it was to wrap up entirely in this issue, I can't imagine it having enough space to close things out properly. What I enjoyed about this issue is that we finally got an issue that pretty much went "Your brain hurt? No problem, here is what's been going on for the past year and half" The entire main feature was just me going "ooooooh, so that's what that was." Very much needed, thank you Morrison. But what I really enjoyed? The back up. Very heartfelt and touching. Seeing present day Superman be able to interact with his father like that was a great moment. Fisch has had some really good back ups through this run, that's for sure.

Sword of Sorcery #5

Hooray, another good book that's getting cancelled. Oh wait, that's not good. BOO! Boo I say! Oh well. Still fun Game of Thrones lite sort of stuff, only this time with more Eclipso... because I guess they needed somewhere to throw him? I don't know. If the black diamond is on our earth, how is it in Gemworld? But he's one of those characters that DC seems to be pushing with no real purpose to him at the moment. Eh, who knows. Also, don't really care for the back up.

Saga #10

Yo, fuck that last page. Seriously. Fuck that, fuck Gwendolyn, and fuck that last page again. That sucked! Ugh. No amount of ghosts turning into giant orange flaming gorillas giving the finger will make up for how generally sad that last page made me feel. A dropkick to the heart aside, Saga remains one of, if not the best monthly title being published at the moment. Fun, great dialogue, and crazy settings... such a good book. I just read something that apparently said BKV wanted to have this book go on for a long while, and I support the hell out of that. I can't wait to read this title for years, and years to come.

Thief of Thieves #12

I've made my thoughts clear on this book, it's good, but I feel would read better in trade. This issue is no different. I love when all the twists and turns come up and shit just goes wrong, but once Diggle takes over the title, I have to do it in trade form... I'll say that, but let us see if I actually commit to it. But also, let's cut the pretense, this is a straight up TV show, get on that quicker, AMC.

Happy #4

Imagine that, I came out of a Grant Morrison book with no questions or my mind being bent over and... well, yeah. This book was pretty odd, because outside of the foul mouthed, ridiculous premise, it was pretty straight forward, which isn't a problem. From start to finish, it was pretty entertaining, and at times, didn't really feel like Grant Morrison was writing it. There's been some talk that this is him sort of doing the Mark Millar thing, which I can see, but I'd wonder what the intent would be if true (satire, given their relationship?). I'd honestly love to watch a video where Morrison just talks about it now that it's done... If anyone has a podcast where he does jus that, make sure to leave that in the comments for me. I didn't really talk about the issue itself much, did I? It was fun! There you go. Merry christmas.

Revival #7

So, this series has really started to come together for me in the last few issues, and I have to say I've been enjoying it quite a bit. There's quite a few characters in it that you don't really get straight forward introductions to, but everything is starting to slowly connect and become a bit more clear with every issue. This is just me though, so if you're reading it and think I'm just slow, that may very well be... take note of how many issues I read in three days time, just saying. I will say though, that the introduction of crazy christians, and a creepy truck full of body parts are definitely... WTF CERTIFIED, YEEEEEEAH. Also, will probably lead to a great issue #8.

Avengers #6

So, with the third issue of this series (that came out only like two weeks ago, probably, whatever) I was confused as all hell. Some star lady just comes out of no where, talks about pie or something, and the end? Yep... No idea what the hell was going on with that one. Then this issue rolls around and it clears up some stuff pretty well with Captain Universe and all of that mess. I will be happy for the book to move more into a larger story after these three secret origin type issues recently. Oh, and spoiler alert, if you decode the messages, it just tells you to buy Ovaltine. Final note, I have to say I've really enjoyed Adam Kubert's art on these past few issues, as I've been used to Andy Kubert for god knows how many years.

Deadpool #5

You know what, I could have sword that this arc was ending with this issue? Nope. But, I will say as dumb as it is, I still enjoy the concept of Deadpool fighting off zombie presidents. Nice to actually see Wade get serious for a bit too. I'm not keeping up on solicits or interviews for a lot of Marvel stuff, so I've got no idea what to expect after this story... Uh, YOLO?

Thor: God of Thunder #5

You know, I also thought this arc was going to end in this issue too... I don't know why. Is it even an arc, or is this just the book? Not that I have a problem with it, but I'm just wondering. This series still remains one of my favorites at Marvel, it's just fun, bad ass, and has great art. If I was to pick out one thing that I was a tad bit disappointed by in this issue, it would be the fact that we didn't get as much Present Thor / Old Man Thor team up as the ending of #4 would have suggested, Old Thor's remarks towards his younger self were pretty funny though.

Savage Wolverine #2

I think I'm out on this one. First issue, I thought "Okay, Wolverine vs. Dinosaurs could be fun, and a lady in loincloth bikini doesn't hurt either." But with this issue, it has it's fun moments, buuuuuuut I just don't care. I brought it up with the first issue, but I just have that gut feeling that this title has no business being an ongoing title, it just seems very limited in the overall big picture. Like, if say this series gets to issue #15, and it is still just Wolverine chilling in the Savage Land, I'd be shocked, because realistically, how long can Marvel keep that going? I don't know... Not a bad book, just not for me.


  1. I thought Thor #5 would have been the end of the arc as well, but it wasn't. It feels more like end of Part 1, like with Batwoman in the past.

  2. Yeah. The last page of Saga reminded me of when I got kicked in the groin for the first time. You see how flippantly DC and Marvel treat their characters, it's strange to find yourself reading a book where $#!t is really real... and sad.

    I'll say one thing... the Will better have a strong will, cause his life seems to really suck. It's a good book though. I agree. I can't wait to look at issue #100 and go, "Man, I love this comic!"

  3. After your constant praise for Saga I finally decided to check it out. God fucking damn, best money ever spent. Even went ahead and ordered the first trade. I've been a fan for what, 3 hours, and yeah that final page sucked.

  4. First Lying Cat and now Damian! *Hyper ventilates in the corner*