Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stack Rundown, 02/16/2013

Good morning, from the past where I'm writing this, because I'm being proactive. This week we got a couple of new Marvel #1s, and some stuff I wasn't planning on reading, but got surprised by it nonetheless (no, not Katana).  As usual, hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Team 7 #5

So, I was originally not going to pick up this title. I had been reading it, but the first few issues didn't do anything for me in a big way, then with the cancellation... eh. But for whatever reason, I decided to stick with the title, and man I'm glad I did. BUT OH WAIT, it's cancelled. Rad. So basically, this issue is what the series should have been from the word god. Split between the present when things have gone to shit with Team 7, and in the past when things are building to said shit. This was a pretty entertaining issue, and probably my favorite of the series. I've said it before, but launching this title as part of a crossover that DC never publicly acknowledged in anyway was a dumb editorial move. But hopefully, we won't have to worry about that anymore... hopefully.

Deathstroke #17

Speaking of cancelled Justin Jordan titles (isn't that cheery), his Deathstroke has been continuously entertaining, a lot like when Kyle Higgins was writing the title, but I have to say, I'm missing that thematic substance I got in those first 8 issues. Regardless, the fun is still there, and we get a very old ways oriented ninja master trying to kill Slade, along with his new school son... things get interesting nonetheless. One of the things I feel like this series has lacked is connection to the greater DCU. I mean, there's that problem of "you can't have Slade win, because he'd kill people" but that doesn't necessarily have to happen. I don't know, I'd just like to see him go up against one of the many heroes at some point.

Demon Knights #17

If you missed it last month, I've started reading this title with Venditti coming on the book, because I don't know. Good thing I like it, eh? The I, Vampire tie helps, but I've got to say the cast of characters in this book is something I always thought to be interesting. Venditti is doing a good job of teasing things that have happened in the 30 year time gap between his issue and Paul Cornell's last, and even though I didn't read most of the first 15 issues of this series, I'm still enjoying it thoroughly. I also need to mention Bernard Chang's art. I enjoyed it a lot on his DC Universe Presents arc with James Robinson, but he's really shining here. Very unsung hero of the DC artist stable, if you ask me.

Suicide Squad #17

Another series I was thinking about dropping, but with a new writer coming on, why not read the last 3 of Glass' run? I have to admit, this one was pretty good, some fun interactions and banter, mixed with a... I guess "satisfying" would be the word, origin of Yo-Yo, who was exposed to whatever chemicals from a lab accident during Brainiac's attack on Metropolis in Action Comics. Simple, but I like those continuity ties. You know what I didn't like? Fucking Regulus. OH MY GOD, BASILISK GO THE FUCK AWAY. As soon as I think "Okay, maybe we're finally getting away from not-Kobra" they bring the fucking leader back... Who wants that?! Who has put this book down and said "golly gee willickers, these Basilisk guys are interesting, I want them to keep showing up and amounting to nothing!" Gahhhh... go away, and take N.O.W.H.E.R.E. with you.

Uncanny X-Men #1

This was probably Marvel's biggest book of week, and when you have a guy like Bendis doing two closely related books, like hell I'm not going to buy in on both. I've been reading a lot of X-Men lately, and have seen Scott Summers turned into a pretty huge dick, which I know I'm not alone in thinking that, but I can't lie and tell you he's not entertaining. This whole revolutionary thing is pretty interesting, and the traitor in the group (while I had guessed it pretty easily) adds a really cool dynamic. I'm also already a pretty big fan of Chris Bachalo's art. I remember before reading Marvel, seeing his Wolverine and the X-Men art and really digging the style. Can't say I'm too wild about the color scheme he chose to go for, but at least it'll end up being consistent when Frazer Irving takes over for a handful of issues.

Secret Avengers #1

So apparently a bunch of people hate Nick Spencer's writing? I don't know? I thought he was pretty well regarded? But whenever I mentioned this on twitter, people would respond back like "too bad spencer sucks" or whatever, and some of the reactions I've seen from this haven't been great? Like I said, I'm kind of confused, because I thought this book was pretty rad. I came in thinking it would basically be these heroes doing missions but not knowing they were going along with it, and it kind of is, but it's more of a they got convinced to do whatever, and SHIELD fucks with their memories. The twist with Samuel L Jackson (that's his name, damn it) and Hawkeye at the end is what made me think "You know what Secret Avengers, you a'ight"

Cable and X-Force #4

More like Domino and X-Force, or just Domino, cus fuck those other guys, Domino is the shiiiiiit! I'm literally only reading this book for Domino. By the time the first issue came out or shortly there after, I had read the Messiah Trilogy, and yeah okay, Cable and Hope are interesting a bit, but Domino still wins in the "best" category. The next panel after the one I have pictured, she just goes "I'm gonna shoot that" and she does, and it's awesome, because that's how she rolls. But, moving on past the awesomeness that is Domino, I like the art, and the story is entertaining too. It just got past the "why are they outlaws" point in the story, so it'll be fun to see where the book goes from here on out... and if it drops all the other characters and just turns into Domino shooting a bunch of people and being lucky or whatever... I won't complain.

Bedlam #4

Speaking of Nick Spencer Bedlam came out this week... and I don't remember much... hold on. So we find out that the creepy serial killer with no penis who likes to kill people while naked and wearing metal angel wings was diddled by a priest and is now killing the other diddle victims because he thought he was special... or something like that. Yeah, I mean, that's about all that happened. Good issue, not my favorite, not a whole lot to say about it... Way less cat murder this time...


  1. I love Regulus, I like his design and character. Maybe separate him from Basilisk?

    1. Why? What has he done? He showed up in the 0 issue and the those couple of issues of Suicide Squad went "I'm the leader of Basilisk!" then got shot. okay???

  2. Love Nick Spencer. I'm legitimately confused by the hate. It was a big week for him... Morning Glories #24 also came out and it was the best thing I've read in awhile!

  3. I did read Katana, it was... bad. Bad, but also quite funny. The dialogue was a laugh riot with how bad it was and some of the art where Katana yells also just as funny.

  4. Are you reading the online comic of Injustice? It goes out every tuesday and I really miss it here. It's a blast.

  5. Katana was every single stereotype about Japanese people and their culture that you can think of jumbled together in one disconnected mess of an issue. So, you didn't miss much.