Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stack Rundown, 02/09/2013

So, like many people this week, I started reading Green Arrow, as Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's first issue was finally released, and well... it's pretty great.

Green Arrow #17

Green Arrow is a character I've been interested in for a bit. I read Krul's series that tied into Brightest Day and thought it was okay, but everything in the New 52 seemed... bad. Then Arrow happened, and for whatever problems it has, I find it enjoyable for all its ridiculous shit, so my interest was renewed, then this came around and all was well. You've probably read near universal praise for this issue in the time between Wednesday and now, praise which is well deserved. This feels like a brand new #1 (I think they should have relaunched it as such) and really delivers on everything. From the start the issue hits the ground running and sucks you into a story that one can already tell is going to be great. On the art side of things, I was really interested to see how Sorrentino's art would translate to more of a traditional super hero premise, and he definitely proved himself in that department. The color was a little jarring though. I feel like Sorrentino wanted to experiment a bit with coloring his own stuff, and the first few pages of it come off a bit basic (like multiply layer in photoshop basic, I took some black and whites and did rough recreations of them) but as the issue progressed, Sorrentino did some interesting things with the color and how it was used, I hope some of those concepts carry over to when Maiolo jumps on next issue. So, in conclusion, add me to the group of people totally won over by this issue.

The Phantom Stranger #5

So this was a Spectre vs. Phantom Stranger throwdown, with a little Question sprinkled in for good measure. I enjoyed this issue, and have to say J.M. DeMatteis scripting this book has really improved it a great deal... and then God shows up as a scottish terrier and this instantly came to mind...

Animal Man #17

Because Jeff Lemire can never have too many books out. This was the beginning of the end for Rotworld, and this was one big rot filled battle. Lots of crazy action, people getting hacked up, Frankenstein becoming a Green Lantern, and a bunch of rot versions of many familiar characters. It was all good fun with some instances I really truly wasn't expecting (GL Franky). Unfortunately, I later had some problems with the back half of this conclusion...

Swamp Thing #17

So, the bulk of this issue was much like Animal Man, but the problem laid in the conclusion... IE, there was none. I was lead to believe that this would be the end of this story, and the final next issue would be the wrap up, but at the end, Arcane gets away, and we've already seen preview art where Alec fights Arcane again. So it's basically "well, fuck, it's not over then?" I don't know what Animal Man is doing next issue, but it sure seems like these two issues weren't the conclusion everyone thought they'd be.

Earth 2 #9

Surprise, surprise, Earth 2 continues to be really enjoyable. Here we get the first introduction to the new Dr. Fate (who was actually wondering around on the streets in issue #2) and get quite a bit of mystery layered on in the process. He's friends with Hawkgirl and foretold Jay getting his powers to fight the big threat that's been brewing. I never really read any Dr. Fate stuff prior, so I came in clean to this one, like most, if not all the heroes found in this book, and like those heroes, I came out enjoying this new version, becoming immediately invested in the story. I've got to say, James Robinson is really doing a fantastic job carving out his own little corner of the DC Multiverse, and with a new Batman coming about, I'll be looking forward to this book even more each month.

Guarding the Globe #6

This book is a really odd case, was originally intended as an ongoing title, then Invincible's "Death of Everyone" came around, this book skips March, and comes back in April as Invincible Universe, which I'm okay with. So essentially, this book is over. I found this issue, and the title as a whole entertaining, all the characters are fun and interesting, but through out reading this issue I couldn't keep my mind from idly thinking about how it'll change come April... I'll let you know when we get to that point.

All-New X-Men #7

Speaking of generally enjoyable books, that's what this title continues to be for me. Here we get young Cyclops meeting Mystique, who plants a couple of ideas in his mind, before Wolverine finds him and takes him back to the school. You can sort of tell Bendis is playing a long game with this one, and I'm pretty interested in what will happen when the Avengers get involved, and old Cyclops encounters the younger version of himself again.

Avengers #5

Three weeks, three issues of Avengers... that's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Regardless, this was probably my favorite issue so far. New character, simple origin, and easy to follow for a relatively new reader. I really enjoyed the connection with Captain America and how Smasher got involved with the Avengers, nice little moment.

New Avengers #3

Hey Captain America, we know you want to be Batman, it's cool, everyone does, but c'mon man, do some original. "Blah blah, you guys are crazy, you can't do this, it isn't right, oh no I'm mind wiped!" Batman did it better. Honestly, Identity Crisis is all that I could think of coming out of this one. I wish I could be like "yeah, it'll be interesting to see what comes out of this" but all I can come up with is "Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman" like Cap is eventually going to remember, things are going to be bad and Batman. The end.

Fearless Defenders #1

This was one of those books where I just "whatever" and bought it to try it out, as I like Birds of Prey and this pretty much seems like the Marvel equivalent. For some reason, unlike most of my other "why the hell not?" Marvel NOW try outs, I came out of this one really enjoying it. No idea who any of these characters are, but it was fun enough to get me to stick around for a bit.


  1. Cap has been following Batman's footsteps for a while, it seems.
    Hell they even "died" for two years around the same time only to be revealed that both were time travelling.

    Seriously Captain, you are making yourself look bad.

  2. I need to get the back issues to Earth 2 (I think I stopped at 6). Although I did like the first arc, I got bummed when rereading the old versions of the Golden Age in Starman, and made me drop the book. With a new Batman coming on board, I'm definitely back, and don't think I ever should have left in the first place.