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Stack Rundown, 02/02/2013

In terms of how long my recent posts have been under this category, this week... pretty tame, all things considered. Had some big hitters like Invincible #100 this week, and, well, that was the biggest...

Aquaman #16

Throne of Atlantis marches on... swims on? I don't know, but I do know that I'm still enjoying this crossover. It's not too lengthy, moving on at a brisk pace, and is full of action. We get a few cool things here, first, we see the calling in of the Justice League reserves, including Firestorm, Vixen, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Hawkman and if you didn't miss it, someone acting as The Atom. Willing to bet this leads to Hawkman getting wooed by Steve Trevor into the JLA or whatever. Then, we figure out who the real big bad is this arc, which shouldn't come as a surprise, but I did watch a video where a retailer guessed correctly who the baddie would be after reading last week's Justice League, so there's that. One last thing, Peletier is continuing to do a great job taking Ivan Reis' place on the book, and Sean Parsons inking this issue is a bit of an improvement over the last one.

I, Vampire #16

This issue depresses me for so many reasons. Number one, this is the first issue to be released since it was announced that it was cancelled, and second, the fact that DC doesn't really give a shit about securing consistent art for a book to be cancelled is clearly evident. There's essentially four artists in this single 20 page issue (one being Scott Clark inked, rather than him by himself, which is a different style completely). I realize it's probably hard to book an artist on a cancelled book, but man, I, Vampire deserves better. Anyways, content wise, the book is still fantastic. We get more on Cain's backstory, which is pretty on par with anything you've read about Cain and Lilith mythology, and John Constantine comes back into the picture, with Andrew lying to Tig, saying Constantine killed her father (Andrew did). So, still a good issue, hopefully the last three issues aren't as inconsistent in the art department.

Superman #16

You know what? I'm enjoying Lobdell's Superman way more than I thought I would. It's just fun, and I'm not getting completely lost with out reading Superboy and Supergirl. It has some of those fun elements with stuff like banter, that we see in Red Hood, and as always, Kenneth Rocafort's art makes everything fantastic. I'm real interested to see how Lobdell steers this ship after the crossover gets finished up, and what all this Oracle business is.

Justice League Dark #16

We pick up with the Justice League Dark in Narnia... or Epoch, whatever you'd like to call it, and things aren't going well. We learn that Tim Hunter's ancestors came from this dimension prior to magic being outlawed, and hilariously, Constantine is effected in such a way, that he can't be sarcastic or lie. I'm sure that pleases people pissed off at Hellblazer's cancellation to no end. I don't know if this is to be contributed to Ray Fawkes' co-writing, or just the location, but this arc definietly has a greater sense of whimsical magic, and what not. Enjoyable so far... still waiting for Zatanna to do something, and betting she doesn't make it back to regular earth at the end... so, you know, fuck

The Flash #16

I was doing this post, and almost forgot I read this! As always, I really like this book, but I don't have much to say when I think about it! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!? Anyways, so I think we've got one more issue in the Gorilla Warfare arc? Francis Manapul's art is still fantastic as all hell, and we get a bit of the love triangle (if you can call it that) in here. Patty is cool and all, but I'm going team Iris on this one, have been since day one. God damn New 52 screwing that all up. Oh well. What's not Wally West doing? Still running around in the middle of this? That's cool, I guess.

Hack/Slash #23

Man, how many issues are left in this series? 2? 3? Man, that's sad. There was a lot of planning in this issue, sort of Oceans Eleveny, or whatever you'd like to call it. I got what team A was doing, but maybe I was distracted and glossed over what team B was doing, because at the end, when all of team B is captured by Slashers, I was confused as all hell. I've got to say, I miss the actual Slasher hunting vibe of the series, but when you're putting the series to bed like this, I guess you can't help but do something other than the norm. 

Invincible #100

Well, this was different... and by different I mean the same. Stay with me on this one... I came in expecting this huge anniversary issue, the kind you expect with stuff like #100, but at the end, it was more or less just another issue of the series. That's not to say it was bad, since the series is great, but I can't help but feel mislead leading up to all this. No, Mark doesn't die, the ol' body switcharoo. In fact, the only one who supposedly dies is Dinosaurus, and well... 800,000 civilians, but who cares about them? Kind odd given that the teasers for the "Death of Everyone" include pictures of various heroes having got the shit beat out of them, when none of those heroes even took a punch... or were in the story. I don't know. It's interesting that the title did come back in a circular nature to how it was earlier in the series, but like I said, the biggest problem with this issue was that it was just an Invincible issue... and I have a terrible feeling that Atom got knocked up by someone else, which I will groan at if true.

The Darkness #110

Yes! Everything is starting to get good, which means everything is falling to shit for Jackie! People know about Hope, Jenny and Sara! Jackie is powerless and locked in his bunker, the dopplegänger, crazy ass Jenny and Hope are going to probably fight Sara, and it will be fantastic! This is what I've been waiting for, everything to get royally fucked in Jackie's life! Hooray!

Hawkguy #7

So, if you haven't heard, this issue is a Hurricane Sandy benefit issue, where Matt Fraction is donating all his royalties from the issue to the Red Cross, and thus, inside we get two Sandy stories from both Hawkeyes. What's really great about this book, is the fact that it stars a super hero, but is far from being a super hero book. This issue epitomizes that concept, as both stories were just about these very down to earth characters surviving the storm, coming together, and offering up just plain human kindness. Even with all the mushy stuff, we still got some great comical beats here, most notably Clint and Kate's discussion of New Jersey and Bruce Springsteen. 

Avengers #5

Hey, didn't an issue of this come out last week? It did? Well that's a bit much... oh, another issue comes out NEXT week? Well, fuck me then. Seriously... And people wonder why Marvel wins market share? Regardless... so, Superman eh? Or Hyperion, whatever you'd like to call him... the dude sounds like Superman to me. Regardless, we start to see some threads of that multiverse stuff from New Avengers come into play, so things are slowly merging together, so that's cool. Still rather unfamiliar with a lot of these characters, most of which are the ones Hickman is focusing on, so I'm just like "ooookaaay."

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  1. 1) H'el is even more confusing (on a character side) when you've read the tie ins.
    2) Hyperion is intentionally like Superman due to a 12 issues maxi series from the '80s he was in called Squadron Supreme in which Marvel took expys of characters we know from the DCU and asked "What if they ruled the world?" answer: They piss off President Batman. I hear it's really good.