Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #5

Increased sightings of Court of Owls activities and a mysterious man to blame? Batman! The dark knight detective is on the case! With his trusty sidekick Nightwing... well, the bit ends there, because Dick really doesn't care about anything Bruce is going on about at the moment (Joker stuff, you know) up until he see's a picture of the man (Calvin) believing him to look a bit familiar. Nevertheless, Bruce believes that this mystery Talon's actions could spark a war with the Court soon, with innocents getting caught in the crossfire, and he needs to get to them both before that goes down.

In Sebastian's underground bunker, it has been two weeks since the last issue, and Calvin has already healed up pretty well, but Casey is getting a bit impatient, asking when they're going to make their next move, something that both Sebastian and Calvin seem a bit hesitant to speak about around Casey.

The two men go off on their own, as it turns out the next target is the company Casey's father built, and Calvin isn't sure if she'd be alright destroying her insane father's last legacy, but that's where they're wrong! Casey over hears the men speaking about Securitus, and seeing how that her father was driven insane by the threat of the Court, and the Court currently owning the company, she's all too ready to burn the place to the ground.

Elsewhere, seems like one Felix Harmon has tracked Calvin to Gotham, but is unable to find him, due to him not being out in the open. Tired of getting an earful from his Court masters, Felix crushes his ear piece and goes out for some recreational killing.

Looking at schematics for the Securitus island, Casey tells Sebastian that they're useless. Her insane father built that witch such secrecy that no records of the building's true structure exist. Seriously, it's crazy detailed, not worth explaining, but Casey's father really went out of his way. Long story short, the plan becomes to sneak into the tower through the under water turbines, plant a bomb, and once that goes off, the computers will automatically wipe themselves, and the company would be all but physically destroyed.

Things seem to go well enough, but Calvin has a hard time keeping in contact with Casey and Sebastian. While he goes on his merry little way, Casey finds something interesting, the name of the man who is the current CEO of Securitus, John Wycliffe... This freaks Sebastian the fuck out, as he tries to get Calvin to bail immediately. Turns out Wycliffe is the current Grandmaster of the Court of Owls, and the mission just got that much more dangerous... sure enough, Calvin walks into a trap, with three Talons waiting for him.


The Good:

We get a lot of juicy backstory for Casey this time around. I had the same reaction to her story about her father as Calvin did, just a "Damn..." from my end. This sort of stuff really helps to flesh out a character who I already start to like, but now knowing more about who she is, allows me to like her even more. That's a problem that some New 52 books face, they introduce new characters, but barely put any of them out on the table, so to speak, so I'm left wondering why I should care. Casey's story has been well told so far, then combine that with her general attitude/characterization, her entertaining daughter, and the possible relationship between her and Calvin, and she comes out a rather interesting character. So good on Tynion for not falling into the "Here's a new character, CARE ABOUT THEM NOW BECAUSE FUCK YOU!" trap.

Also, standard props to Guillem March, whose art I love, as always, and hopefully he's just taking one issue off in May, cus I'll be real sad if he leaves the title. (I'm not one to go "OH NO, a different artist this one issue, the regular must have left!" but then again, with some DC books lately, there's no way to know.)

The Bad:

Could have done an issue with out Felix Harmon. I mean, I don't know how soon he and Calvin will go at it again, but I didn't necessarily need him in this issue so soon after the first fight. Lessens that "he's not dead!" trope from the last issue, given that he's back so soon. It's sort of like "Okay, well yeah, I knew that was coming, sure, whatever, very next issue, fine." Not a deal breaker or anything, just me. Perhaps we could have seen some stuff with the Grandmaster of the Court instead?

The Bottom Line:

This wasn't the most action packed issue, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it. Tynion is really proving himself to write strong and interesting characters (which makes me more excited for his Red Hood) and given that this is a title with all completely new regular cast members, it's nice to see that everyone works out well. Again, Casey was really the stand out of the issue, and is doing a lot to become one of my favorites of the book, something I was not expecting given the #0 issue. So, as always, I highly recommend this book.


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  1. I agree with you on all fronts. the moment of awe you feel as a reader when you see Casey's obsessive, somewhat psychotic father and the devices he's concocted only add to the molding of her character and the realness we feel from her. I was also (as I have been with four of the five previous issues) fascinated by the masterful artistry. Since #0, I have been waiting for the inevitable moment when Calvin meets up with his former circus mate and his path collides with Grayson's, therefore Batman's as well. I believe that Dick and Calvin will end up becoming enemies to start, (seeing as Bats already has him on a target list) but will soon realize who each other are and ultimately end up working together for a common goal; the destruction of the Court. All in all, this issue alone was a great one, as have the last five, and I look forward to seeing what will go down between Calvin and the triple-generation Talons.