Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Nightwing #17

Because lord knows he hasn't been through enough shit lately, Alfred is up and about stitching up Dick in the Batcave. Now, I'm sure it's not intended, but think about the timing that implies... GET SOME REST, ALFRED. Regardless, Dick is pretty bummed out about everything, despite saying he's fine. Alfred doesn't press any harder, but Damian does watch from the shadows as they finish up.

A little bit later, Dick goes to retrieve Raya's body, as he called Gordon to meet him at the hanger location. Dick asks if the tests that would need to be done could be hurried up, as another member of the circus is being buried soon, and he'd like her to be put to rest as well. Gordon doesn't have a problem with it, but brings up how she's dressed as him, and also asks if Dick is alright, to which Dick responds he's fine. Damian still watching.

A day or so later, Dick visits many of the surviving Haly's Circus members in the hospital, finding that not a lot of them are happy to see him, telling them that they're done after the funerals. The innocent little acrobat girl tries to comfort Dick, and once again, "how are you doing" met with a "fine."

The next day, Amusement Mile is still on fire thanks to all the hotspots and chemicals Joker planted. Everything is gone, as well as all the money Dick put into it (key word all), but Lucius Fox does tell Dick that Sonia has volunteered to pay for the funerals.

At said funeral the next day, Sonia meets with Dick after the ceremony. Same deal, Dick tells her he's fine, as he thanks her. When Sonia leaves, Babs finds Dick and asks just what's going on between Sonia and him, something Dick doesn't quite want to discuss at the moment. As the circus members leave, Babs tells Dick it's going to be okay, as he tells her he is okay. Damian still creeping.

After the weekend, some scavengers are going through the rubble of Amusement Mile, something that doesn't fly well with Dick, as he starts to beat some serious XO Manowar looking ass. Like, seriously, beat it. So much so that Damian has to physically stop Dick from going too far.

The two do the standard rooftop run and talk, as Damian is the voice of reason who reminds Dick of who he is, and that him getting burned by people he leaned on shouldn't mean he should stop being who he is. He then brings up the fact that he's worrying about the opinion of a man who literally cut off his own face, pointing out how ridiculous that is. Dick thanks Damian for the pep talk, and the two promise to do it again as they go there separate ways (A PROMISE GRANT MORRISON PROBABLY WON'T KEEP!!! AAAAAAH DAMIAN IS DEEEEEEAAAAD).

In a secret warehouse, elsewhere, we find out who the scavengers were working for, none other than old "Black Mirror" foe, the Dealer, and they've found a bit of Flying Graysons history for the Dealer's collection.


The Good:

What I liked about this issue is that Kyle Higgins has had a central theme of who Dick is, and how he deals with life, that has been present through the entire run. That was the kind of stuff I really enjoyed in the first eight issues of Deathstroke as well, the central theme that tied everything together. In this issue, he bends and stresses those personality traits that he's defined Dick by, but brings them back to normal in a nice little scene with Damian (seriously loved the line about Joker). Like Red Hood this week, this was just a good personal issue for Dick Grayson as a character.

The Bad:

I like Ryp's art, but something felt off to me in this issue. May be the inker, who is not the same guy who inked Ryp's recent Talon and Birds of Prey issues. As for the story itself, despite the nice character beats, it comes off a bit mopey, which on the surface level doesn't make for an entertaining read. I get why he'd be mopey, still doesn't make it fun.

The Bottom Line:

Going into a balls out action packed issue following "Death of the Family" flat out would have felt wrong. I'm glad that this book is taking the time to deal with everything that happened accordingly, especially because one could argue Dick lost the most. Even though it dwells on the sad parts, it manages to set up some interesting plot points for next issue with the Dealer coming back, and who knows, it could transition into how Dick ends up in Chicago in two issues.


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