Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #17

Canary has just knocked out a power station with her cry, and no one knows what's going on, except for Starling. As Batgirl starts to go over rescue tactics, Ev whispers to Dinah about a deja vu feeling she's getting from Tokyo, but Dinah assures Ev she's fine... Strix doesn't really think so, as she attacks Dinah without hesitation. Babs tries to stop Strix, demanding to know what's going on, as Strix writes in the dirt that Canary will kill them all.

Elsewhere in the rubble, the Basilisk guy the Birds were out to get, emerges from the wreckage, and gets in contact with his... er, contact, who has some Basilisk presents for him, little drones that seek out heartbeats only to end them with some serious electric shock.

The drones star hovering around and first go after Babs. Being that Babs is the only one Strix likes, she is soon to get the drone off her, as it doesn't target her, due to Strix technically being dead.

As more drones show up, Ev is nowhere to be found, as she's hiding in order to contact Amanda Waller, who isn't too pleased that Ev didn't report in about the first time Dinah's powers went crazy. Ev brushes Amanda off, who nonetheless, threatens the entire operation if Ev continues to refuse and cooperate... but even more problems arrive, as a local homeland security force arrives on the scene, opening fire on everything and everyone, leading Ev to ask Amanda for a favor.

The rest of the Birds do their best to not get shot, and fight off the drones. Dinah and Strix eventually get isolated from Babs and Condor, and things still remain a bit tense. As Dinah helps Strix up, Strix knocks down one of the drones, and points it at Dinah, who knows what it means. Dinah comes clean to Strix, telling her about Kurt and her powers being more dangerous than anyone knows. Satisfied, Strix drops the drone to the ground, as Dinah is left to wonder if Strix knew it was already disabled or not.

Things settle down, as Babs and Condor catch the Basilisk guys, the drones are disabled, and the homeland security goons are called off by Waller. Babs finds Dinah a bit shaken up, but is interrupted by Ev, who informs them she called in a few favors. Then in true "the current writer is leaving the title" fashion, the team reconvenes as Ev suggests they all get a drink.


The Good:

If Duane Swierczynski's run on the title was one thing, it was fun, and this issue continues the theme. The interaction between Dinah and Strix was also pretty enjoyable, and for some reason I especially loved the sequence Molenaar drew where Strix lands on her hands, winds up, and kicks Dinah right back. Both the writing and art continue to be rather enjoyable, when it comes down to it.

The Bad:

I mean, it's hard to fault Swierczynski for not pulling the trigger on a few things (given this is his last issue) but the title just feels like it is spinning its wheels, especially with the Kurt Lance thing. The Waller stuff with Ev is interesting, but the Kurt Lance thing has been overshadowing this entire series, and nothing has really come with it. Also, wouldn't Waller know about Dinah's spike, since she was the one who sent Kurt Lance out, you know, the guy who amplifies people's powers? 

Also, Basilisk, blaaah.

The Bottom Line:

This issue was fun, but like last month, the overall spinning of the wheels is just holding things back. Combine that with my distaste for all things Basilisk, because, you know, who cares? and I can't find this issue anything more than average. Hopefully when Marx takes over next issue, there's no left over nonsense from the whole "Jim Zub is writing, no wait, no he isn't!" debacle, and Marx hits the ground running with a solid direction, that has some purpose. That's what this title really needs.

All that being said, I really enjoyed Swierczynski's run, and it's unfortunate that some of the things he started never got to get finished properly by him.


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