Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwoman #17

Ceto has woken up, and things have gotten pretty bad for Batwoman, Wonder Woman and everyone else fighting Medusa in Gotham. Knowing she'd be unable to fight a large, mythical, supernatural force, Kate decides that both she and Wonder Woman should focus on bringing down Medusa herself, first.

Elsewhere, Bette is deep into round two with the Hook, eventually burning his face with a flame thrower in her gauntlet. She plants an explosive on the sentient hook, blows it off, and throws it off into the water, hopefully never to be seen again. Oh yeah, new codename is Hawkfire.

The hook falls into a water, attaching itself to a crab (DUN DUN DUUUUUUN) but something else also lays in the water, Sune, now fully separated from her twin brother Maro. She emerges from the water, and goes to parts unknown.

Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Kyle Abbott (along with his Religion of Crime guys) fight off Medusa and her hoard. Abbott does the not so smart thing of lunging at Medusa, and as you'd expect, gets turned to stone.

Hawkfire eventually joins the fight, as Batwoman comes up with a plan. They all target Bloody Mary, who shatters like a mirror when broken. Kate grabs a piece of Mary, lures Medusa in and gives the snake lady a look at herself, turning her into stone.

Things go calm all the sudden after Kate shatter's the stone Medusa. Ceto the monster is gone, and reemerges from the water in her human form, asking to see her daughter. Diana opts to end Ceto's life, but Batwoman manages to convince her to spare it, which leads Diana to offer Ceto sanctuary.

As the DEO arrives on the scene, Wonder Woman decides it's time to go, but before she does, Kate gives her the camera that Chase planted on her, telling Diana she doesn't believe it would be right to hand it over to the DEO after everything she's done for her. Diana crushes the camera, and offer's Kate her help whenever need be. Chase arrives just as Diana flies off, and Kate gives her a big screw you, attending to the children instead.

Elsewhere, as Batwoman, Kate finds Maggie sitting alone, presenting her with all the children, and calling her "Mags." At first, Maggie is shocked to see all the kids safe, but then takes notice to how Batwoman addresses her. Before she can say anything, Kate kisses Maggie, asking to marry her.

Elsewhere, Mr. Bones wakes up a new associate of his from a ornate sarcophagus, none other than Kate's sister, Beth.


The Good:

This was a nice little wrap up of this long story Williams and Blackman have been telling from #1. Williams had a post on his blog last night about this issue, calling it an issue that comes full circle, and I have to say I agree with how he describes it. Not only do we get the standard gorgeous art from Williams, the issue is littered with nice little character moments such as Diana choosing to spare Ceto, as well as that big proposal at the end. While that story wraps up nicely, there are also some serious teases as to what to expect next.

The Bad:

JH Williams III's last illustrated issue for a long while!

The Bottom Line:

Overall, I'm also just glad this story is over, though enjoyable, it's gone on for a while (since #1). But though I got a bit exhausted of the story, this issue really closes a lot of doors, and opens new ones for the book to go into. Kate cutting ties with the DEO, her and Maggie's relationship, Bette coming back into the picture, as well as Alice, there's just a lot to look forward to in this book moving forward. This issue has left me a lot more excited for the title than I have been in a while.



  1. So was that a typo, or did Bones just imply that he is Kate's brother?

    1. Probably a typo. We know Kate's childhood, and it doesn't involve skeleton brother.

    2. JH Williams says otherwise. It isn't a typo.