Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #17

So, the father of the guy who Batwing got arrested last issue is still none too happy with him... So much so, that he's hired a very expensive mercenary by the name of Sky Pirate to attack Batwing. Of course, this is what happens, and it doesn't go down well for David, who loses his wings in the process. After David narrowly escapes, Sky Pirate picks up the scraps of David's wings, and brings them back to be analyzed.

While David patches himself up, Sky Pirate and that bad guy whose name I can't be bothered to remember look up every material they can find within the wing, we also find out that David's old friend Dawn is also a mercenary hired by that guy.

Back in David's work life, no one wants to work with him, not even Kia, as he's the one good cop in a department full of crooked ones, stuck on desk duty... That is until someone tries break the guy he got arrested out of jail.

Meanwhile, Sky Pirate does some tech voodoo or whatever and finds some components that can be traced, blah blah blah, and they find security footage of Matu buying the components, and head to his house, where they hover above it with a big ass ship.

David goes into the prison riot, his fellow officers try to shoot him, he comes across Rachel, who tells him to stand down, but he doesn't, so she fires two shots in his general direction... which will probably hit the two cops trying to kill him, just saying.


The Good:

It's a competently told issue. Art was also better than #15, so there's that.

The Bad:

Another case of "who cares?" I have issues with character motivations here, like why Rachel is all "You know what, being good sucks, I'm going to work for low lives!" Alright fine... but why? You know what, never mind, because I don't care, and I doubt anyone does! Then the main old guy who is pissed about his son... who cares?

The Bottom Line:

It's a fine issue. Nothing great about it, nothing bad... I've just become indifferent towards the series. It's worn out it's welcome quite honestly. I feel bad too, because I really liked it, but now, especially with this issue, I just can't bring myself to care. I don't feel great about giving a book that I can't bring myself to be invested in a score, so you know what? I won't. If you've continued to enjoy this book past say, issue 12, then good on you, you'll probably enjoy this one.

As a side note... I really don't know if I can cover the series anymore. I'm nearly 100% certain we'll find out it is cancelled on Monday (if not, why not?) but if it isn't, and barring some great creative change in order to salvage it, I might just drop it then and there. If it is cancelled, I'll finish it out.

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  1. Did this issue mention anything about the new Batwing I'm hearing about? Or is Sky Pirate the guy they were mentioning in the 'Channel 52' comic?