Friday, February 8, 2013

Get your crowbars ready...

Because we've got a Robin to kill!

For a while now, there's been a thought of "Is Grant Morrison going to kill Damian Wayne?" After all, he did say that his finale of Batman Incorporated would make us cry, and I don't think anyone is shedding a tear over the death of Knight. That said, I'm a creature of logic, fairly cynical logic. I look at this sort of stuff and think "Damian is really popular, sells books, there's no way they can axe him off." That, and the last time DC killed a child, it didn't turn out very well (granted, that was part of a story not  a whole lot of people liked). So here I am basically thinking everyone else is acting crazy and over reacting.

Then, for some reason I was going over the WTF April covers again this week. When I came across Batman and Robin #18 again, I was looking at it with the concept in mind, and thought that the only way it could be "WTF" worthy is if the character on the other half of the cover isn't Damian... Then, like an influx of horrible repressed memories making their way back to the surface, it all hit me...

Damian Wayne is going to die.

I take no pleasure in this revelation, as Damian Wayne is my favorite character going in the Bat universe at the moment, but like I said, I'm a creature of logic, and the logic is all there unless EVERYTHING is a red herring. So, with that said, let me explain my thought process...

First of all, let's go back in time, Batman and Son. Did you know Damian was supposed to bite it then? But then Grant changed his mind and that was that. With that being said, keep in mind the cyclical nature of the current Batman Incorporated, you can see a clear path from Batman and Son circling all the way back to it through this final chapter in Grant's story.

Let's bring up another point that Morrison had made, we're supposedly going to cry, like previously mentioned. You know who else is going to cry? Bruce Wayne.

Lest we forget the very first page of Batman Incorporated #1. Like I said before, I don't think the death of Knight is going to have this effect on Bruce. But there's only one reason to be in a grave yard, because someone died. Note, Bruce is also in front of two graves. So I'm going to say Talia probably kicks it too, or the Heretic and we got double dead Damian. Before you say "it could be his parents" why would Bruce want to quit being Batman in front of his parents' graves, when their deaths were what inspired him to become the Bat in the first place?

Moving on, here we have the tease from the most recent issue of Batman Incorporated.

When is saw that, I thought "red herring" as you could probably kill the Heretic, and technically that would be Damian Wayne dying, but then you venture outside of Batman Incorporated for a bit, and start to look at Batman and Robin.

Back up to when Grant originally left the first volume of Batman and Robin. Grant hand picked Peter Tomasi to follow him on the title, as Tomasi was Grant's editor early on in his run, and had since switched over to writing full time. Now, a lot of that got screwed up by Brightest Day, Tomasi and Gleason got pushed back and then Flashpoint rolled around. Start of the New 52 though, Tomasi was still writing Batman and Robin, and has been the one book who has regularly referenced the happenings of Batman Incorporated.

So, let's take a look at the schedule coming up. First we've got Batman and Robin #17 next week, which seems like a one and done issue with something to do with Gotham's 300th anniversary. Two weeks after that we've got Batman Incorporated #8, where "everything" Morrison has been leading up to comes to a head and I suspect Damian will die. The next issue of B&R after that is a bit interesting...
"You dare not miss this issue! It’s the BATMAN AND ROBIN story of the year!"
Then look at the cover...

I dare you to try and tell me that's not a "This character just died, so let's honor him by giving him an iconic looking cover" cover. What could possibly be the story of the year? How about the one about Damian dying?

Follow that with Batman Incorporated #9 and it following stunning events, and we're back to the WTF cover for Batman and Robin #19.

Seriously, by the very concept of these covers, Damian Wayne cannot simply be on the other side of that cover. We've seen two full covers, and despite what you chose is truly "WTF" worthy or not, they're nonetheless surprising. You know what's not surprising? Damian Wayne on the cover of Batman and Robin.

That was where I was at Wednesday or Tuesday, whenever I had come up with this thought process, adde to the fact, Batman Incorporated solicits don't inspire hope, nor mention Damian.

But, I had one last bit of hope in me. Knowing that solicitations for May were going to hit soon, if Damian showed up on the cover of Batman and Robin #20 or was mentioned in it, I could ignore this all!

...then this happened:

"The massive fallout from the recent events in BATMAN, INCORPORATED take Batman to the very limits of his sanity…will The Red Hood pull him back—or push him over the edge?"
Fallout from Batman Incorporated?! Jason Todd?! What the fuck does he have to talk about?! Oh yeah, DEAD ROBINS.



So there you have it. Would I like to be wrong? Would I like this to be a crazy tin foil hat conspiracy theory? You better believe it. So, in this one instance, I welcome the possibility of me being wrong, I would LOVE to have DC fool me, and Damian to be fine. Please, prove me wrong DC, prove me wrong...


  1. Well...I'm going to cry if Damian does die. All that hard work from Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason down the drain. The two really brought the character to life and made him super likable in The New 52's.

  2. Lazarus Pit.
    Than here we go Damian again.

    Honestly, he's only gonna die in a comic book sense, since theres a couple future flashforwards already from Morrison where he is too much alive and well and wearing the cape and cowl...
    So nothing here written in stone.

    1. The future stories mean nothing. It was always a "possible" future, as the books would never chronologically get there regardless.

    2. do you know how destroyed Damian is going to be if they use the pit on him?? he already feels bad because of his upbringing I don't think he will like the idea of being resurrected with the pit, lees because it belongs to the al ghuls

  3. On the grave thing--it's possible that those are his parent's graves and he's thinking things over or sort-of speaking to them in his own head about what has happened. The scene in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm where he's pleading to his parent's graves to live a normal life comes to mind.

    1. but, then why the police is there wanting to take him to jail?? maybe because they thing he killed his son...waaa I really hope that we are wrong and you are right, I really really do

  4. Honestly, I really don't think they'll get rid of Damien. Remember, in DC, being dead doesn't amount to all that much. Plus, I'm sure if Talia could engineer another Damien, Bruce could do something similar.

  5. Also, from the solicit for Batman Inc. #9:

    • The fallout from last month’s shocking turn of events has Batman on the run!
    • Is The Dark Knight a murderer?

    Talia kills Damian, so Bruce kills Talia?

  6. I just want to point out that Grant specifically said that when it was all over, we the readers would cry and cry and cry.

  7. Interesting theory. I really hope Damian makes it out ok. If he doesn't I'm going to be bummed for a while. I just read what he did for Bruce back in Batman and Robin 14 and the cover to the Batman and Robin annual.
    That be messed up if Dc Comics basically says, you know all those touching moments you saw before Death of the family and the annual, well hope you enjoyed them cause we're killing the kid.

  8. What if Grant meant cry because it was so touching? What if Bruce thinks Damian is dead but is actually alive and has a heartfelt type of thing that will make us cry?

    1. I hope it's that. A slight of hand to return a boy to his father would be a great moment. Especially if Grant gives Damian's "death" resonance over a few issues. If Damian's gone in Inc 9 and returns at the wrap-up finale in Inc 12, I think it could work.

  9. Perhaps the cycle is bigger than just his Batman run. Perhaps the cycle ends the way his first DC book ended: "We thought that by making your world more VIOLENT, we would make it more "realistic," more "adult." God help us if that's what it means. Maybe, for once, we could try to be KIND."

  10. have you read the description for Worlds' Finest #10?
    "Huntress is personally affected by a tragedy in The New 52!"
    I mean she recently 'bonded' with Damian a few issues ago...

    1. You know, before I started buying into the Damian is dying theory, I'd read that point and go "Probably something different." But now... God damn it.

  11. Damian could end up killing his own mother to save his father and that choice drives Bruce to think about giving it all up because of all the death of late and what his son has become.

    If Damian dies... he'll only be traveling through time or waiting for Superboy to punch through life and death to bring him back. I could use a good cry though. So I'm excited for it, come what may.

  12. It also is really coincidental that Harper Row reappears after Damian's seemingly looks like she might be the next Robin. I'm not liking the idea only on the principle she was created by Snyder since he couldn't use Steph or Cass; there are two girls of the bat fam people already want back, why choose to do another female Robin now?