Thursday, February 21, 2013

DC Announces Batman/Superman for June

Well, I guess this is what you can expect after a few new #1s with some B and C listers at the forefront not doing too great...

Cynical comments aside, it was just announced that Batman/Superman by writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee will launch this June alongside Larfleeze and probably whatever the Snyder/Lee Superman is called.

"But there are already so many Batman books, and now more Superman titles" yes, yes... we all know that, but what seperates Batman/Superman from the pack is that like Grant Morrison's Action Comics, Batsoup will be set in the past of The New 52, exploring both Bruce and Clark's early interactions with each other. Something I find a lot more interesting than the outside of continuity Superman/Batman of years past.

Don't know how much I'll cover this title in the future, so right now I'll give it "limited" status. But I would like to point out who takes first billing this time around. YEEEEAAAH, suck on that one Supes.

(Source: USA Today)


  1. By "artist Jae Lee," they mean "artist for the first 2 and a half issues until fill-ins take over and he moves on to draw misc. covers because he can't handle a monthly."

    But still, nice to see it back.

    1. Well, they did manage to get three issues of Before Watchmen out of him on a monthly basis.