Thursday, February 28, 2013

Batman, Incorporated: What's Next?

So that sucked. As we found out Monday, I was unfortunately correct, and now I'm back round two of speculation! I'm going to touch on three points. First, the deaths may not be over with. Second, the oldest trick in the book. Finally, third, the roll of Robin in the future.

So, all my thoughts after the break, and I don't think I need to say this, but spoilers to follow.

DC reveals March's Robin tribute covers

With the reveal of the Detective Comics #18 cover today, then Worlds' Finest #10, I remembered that back when March solicits originally hit, most of the covers on DC's site were listed as "Not final cover." Well, now we know why, and BuzzFeed revealed the rest of the covers. Some of them are very obvious tributes, but others you have to wonder as to their involvement like Catwoman and Red Hood. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Hit the jump for all the Robin related sadness.

Batwing #18 Preview

Well, Matu is probably dead... Now go look up the "EVERYONE YOU LOVE IS DYING" clip from  Scary Movie 3. That... well, I don't care about Matu all too much, but still... EVERYONE IS DYING!!!

(Source: iFanboy)

Detective Comics #18 'Requiem' Cover

Here's the first look at the true Detective Comics #18 cover, with the branding of 'Requiem.' Newsarama inquired if other books would be wearing the branding, but got no word back. Willing to bet we'll see the same branding on Batman as well as Batman and Robin #18, at the very least. Potentially Worlds' Finest as well... and obviously, probably on March's Batman, Incorporated. Rest art hard to guess.

(Source: Newsarama)

Looking Forward: March 6th, 2013

Man, what's the point?!
  • Detective Comics #18: I don't know, Penguin?
  • Batwing #18: He loses?
BAH. I'm going to have the regular scheduled posts through out the week, but I'm going to have two special posts through out the week, one of which may or may not hit today. First of which will be my top 10, or a number close to it, Damian Wayne moments from Batman and Son until... now. The next will be a post where I guess the direction of the final four issues of Grant Morrison's Batman, Incorporated run. Like I said, these should hit sometime this week. Don't know when though, errands to do today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman, Incorporated #8

Damian is getting down to business. With his mech armor, or whatever you call that, he does a fly by, dropping gas pellets to help out Dick and Gordon with the Leviathan kids, and heads immediately to Wayne Enterprises, where his mother has Bruce caught in a death trap. Inside the safe at the bottom of the roof pool, Bruce manages to cough up a lock pick, as Talia taunts him, telling him what he could have been. Bruce, who hasn't said a whole lot in these past two issues, bluntly reminds Talia that he's not her father.

SPOILERS: Talon #5

Increased sightings of Court of Owls activities and a mysterious man to blame? Batman! The dark knight detective is on the case! With his trusty sidekick Nightwing... well, the bit ends there, because Dick really doesn't care about anything Bruce is going on about at the moment (Joker stuff, you know) up until he see's a picture of the man (Calvin) believing him to look a bit familiar. Nevertheless, Bruce believes that this mystery Talon's actions could spark a war with the Court soon, with innocents getting caught in the crossfire, and he needs to get to them both before that goes down.

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #17

Hatter continues his plan, whatever that may be, by operating many hat kiosks in Gotham, selling, you guessed it, HATS. Of course, each of the hats have Jervis' mind control chips in them, but it's not that clear as to why just yet.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tomasi on the future of Batman and Robin

Well, Batman Incorporated spoilers, obviously... Anyways, Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi talked about what to expect in the immediate future of Batman and Robin. Seeing that the future involves the the big spoiler, I won't go into details, but I will mention that Batman and Robin #18 is going to be completely silent. No text. No sound effects. No nothing, and that's fantastic.

(Source: CBR)

Batman: The Dark Knight #17 Preview

Kind of feel bad for any Batman book (this) which isn't Inc coming out this week... gonna have a large shadow cast over it. That bit with the kid was pretty good though.

(Source: CBR)

Batman Incorporated #8 Preview (SPOILERS)

Taking a page out of Marvel's book, DC has decided to spoil the major plot point of Batman Incorporated #8, announcing it to the media days before the release of the actual issue... Do I really have to say what it is at this point? I mean, the fucking headline even spoils it...

I guess don't read the article with the preview, but I'm sure you can probably figure it out.

(Source: The New York Post)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Batman: Li'l Gotham #6 out today.

If you missed the news around the last release, Li'l Gotham is now a twice monthly digital series, which is great, because it is great, so everyone wins! Or something... I don't know.

This issue centers around the Lunar New Year and features a team-up between Damian and Katana, as well as one between Alfred (who kicks some ass) and Ra's al Ghul... yes, really.

Make sure to head over to Comixology and check it out.

Also! This is my 1,000th post since moving off Tumblr, huzzah!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stack Rundown, 02/23/2013

I think this is a record week for me, a whopping 16 titles to write about... Why am I doing this again?

This week was a big one for DC, with the launch of Justice League of America and JLA's Vibe, both of which I read. Then I read pretty much every single issue Image put out this week, and some Marvel stuff as usual. So many, many comics.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DC Announces Batman/Superman for June

Well, I guess this is what you can expect after a few new #1s with some B and C listers at the forefront not doing too great...

Cynical comments aside, it was just announced that Batman/Superman by writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee will launch this June alongside Larfleeze and probably whatever the Snyder/Lee Superman is called.

"But there are already so many Batman books, and now more Superman titles" yes, yes... we all know that, but what seperates Batman/Superman from the pack is that like Grant Morrison's Action Comics, Batsoup will be set in the past of The New 52, exploring both Bruce and Clark's early interactions with each other. Something I find a lot more interesting than the outside of continuity Superman/Batman of years past.

Don't know how much I'll cover this title in the future, so right now I'll give it "limited" status. But I would like to point out who takes first billing this time around. YEEEEAAAH, suck on that one Supes.

(Source: USA Today)

Panels of the Week, 02/21/2013

Another one of those weeks where after lord knows how many of these posts I've done, I really have nothing to say in this little pre jump blurb... I mean, panels, you know what to expect...

Looking Forward: February 27th, 2013

  • Batman Incorporated #8: I really, really hope I'm wrong...
  • Talon #5: Calvin heads back to Gotham, I hear there are Bats in Gotham.
  • Batman - The Dark Knight #17: Things get loopy with the Mad Hatter? Sure.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Nightwing #17

Because lord knows he hasn't been through enough shit lately, Alfred is up and about stitching up Dick in the Batcave. Now, I'm sure it's not intended, but think about the timing that implies... GET SOME REST, ALFRED. Regardless, Dick is pretty bummed out about everything, despite saying he's fine. Alfred doesn't press any harder, but Damian does watch from the shadows as they finish up.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

After a good amount of time with no contact, Jason finally reaches Roy and Kori who are waiting outside of Gotham, sending a car to pick them up. While waiting for his companions, Jason sits in Wayne Manor, and sees Damian sitting outside alone. He goes out to speak with the kid, and has the closest thing you can get to a heart-to-heart with him before Roy and Kori show up. As Kori embraces Jason, Roy talks to Damian a bit, and one can make an educated guess as to how that'll end up, as Damian leaves to get into something more comfortable...

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #17

Canary has just knocked out a power station with her cry, and no one knows what's going on, except for Starling. As Batgirl starts to go over rescue tactics, Ev whispers to Dinah about a deja vu feeling she's getting from Tokyo, but Dinah assures Ev she's fine... Strix doesn't really think so, as she attacks Dinah without hesitation. Babs tries to stop Strix, demanding to know what's going on, as Strix writes in the dirt that Canary will kill them all.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #17

Ceto has woken up, and things have gotten pretty bad for Batwoman, Wonder Woman and everyone else fighting Medusa in Gotham. Knowing she'd be unable to fight a large, mythical, supernatural force, Kate decides that both she and Wonder Woman should focus on bringing down Medusa herself, first.

Nightwing heads to Chicago

A little while ago, we got word that Nightwing would be leaving Gotham City, but no news as to where, until the release of today's comics. In the new "Channel 52" feature, it has been "reported" that Nightwing has been "seen" in Chicago "recently." Why Chicago, you ask? Well, makes sense given where Kyle Higgins is from... but we'll have to wait and see as to why the character decides to head off to the Windy City.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nightwing #17 Preview

Ryp makes Dick look really young... which I guess is probably a good thing. Just pointing that out. Oh and, uhhh... Batman #17 spoilers for the guy doing the stitches... Well, why haven't you read it yet!?

Also, Damian, stop being so creepy. Don't you know you're gonna die soon?!

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sneak peek at Tyler Kirkham's Red Hood art

A while ago, it was brought to my attention that Tyler Kirkham had mentioned on Twitter that he'd be doing some art for Red Hood and the Outlaws pretty soon, and sure enough, here's our first look, as it seems it'll take Jason a bit to shake the Joker.

Seeing as Green is off the title, #17 is a mix of like three different artists, I'm going to safely assume this is from #18, so expect an issue at least partially done by Kirkham in March.

(Source: Tyler Kirkham's Instagram)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stack Rundown, 02/16/2013

Good morning, from the past where I'm writing this, because I'm being proactive. This week we got a couple of new Marvel #1s, and some stuff I wasn't planning on reading, but got surprised by it nonetheless (no, not Katana).  As usual, hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Grant Morrison's Robin R.I.P.

So, back with February solicitations, we never got the real cover for Batman Inc #8... and now we do, and OH MY GOD DAMIAN IS GOING TO DIE!!! PANIC!


But let's be rational for a moment, this is obviously an homage to the famous Alex Ross "Batman R.I.P." cover, and well... did Batman die? Not really. Plus, when something like this is directly on the cover, more often than not, it's a red herring.




(Source: Newsarama)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 Preview

Oh hey look! Jason and Damian! Get your Damian Wayne fix now everybody, because... well,  you know.

(Source: Newsarama)

Catwoman #17 Preview

As previously mentioned, previews and solicitations are about as much of this title I'm going to cover, but I have an idea... How about we play the "point out what's bad about this" game.

I'm going to take the high road and not point out the atrocious voice/dialogue that's not Selina Kyle at all, too easy. Instead, I'm going to point out that dress on the first page. Seriously, take a minute to think about how ridiculous she is perched above some playground in that get up... Then try and comprehend why she's in her Catwoman suit the very next panel she appears in. Someone try and tell me anything about that makes sense.

UGH. This book is so bad now, what has happened to you Selina?

(Source: Comicvine)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birds of Prey #17 Preview

Well, time to say goodbye to Duane Swierczynski, everybody. Hopefully he goes out with a bang.

(Source: Mancave Daily)

Panels of the Week, 02/14/2013

End of Death of the Family, Joker and stuff, all that, yes yes.

Batwoman #17 Preview

Man, it's going to be really hard to say goodbye to JH Williams (on art) after this issue... Holy crap.

(Source: Paste Magazine)

Sneak peek at Andy Kubert's Batman #18

And hot DAMN does it look good. This has been circulating with a number of interviews with Scott Snyder about the ending of "Death of the Family" and what happens next, so expect spoilers.

(Source: Comicvine)

Looking Forward: February 20th, 2013

Death of the Family is over lord knows what to expect, then some of the ladies of Gotham are doing their own thing elsewhere.
  • Nightwing #17: Dick lives his life after DotF, and Damian shows up... possibly for the last time?
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #17: Jason ditched Bruce in the end of Batman #17, but it looks like he'll respond now.
  • Birds of Prey #17: Canary's powers are going haywire in Duane Swierczynski's final issue.
  • Batwoman #17: The finale of the Batwoman/Wonder Woman team up, and JH Williams' final issue on illustration duty for the foreseeable future.
So, that's about it. Panels of the week coming up in a bit, and I'll be talking about some new titles in this week's Stack Rundown post later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman #17

Welcome to Uncle Joker's special party for Batman, everyone's invited, Dick, Jason, Barbara, Tim, Damian, that weird two headed lion cub! All your favorites... only everyone has gags and sacks over their head, and are doused in gasoline... with flints under Bruce's chair. See, Joker want's to talk, but not before serving up the main dish...

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #17

*NOTE* You should probably read Batman #17 before this. Some "Death of the Family" spoilers are contained pretty early in this post.

So Bruce and Damian return to the Batcave, greeted with meals by Alfred (told you) but Titus seems to be the most receptive to the food. Calling it a night, Bruce, Alfred and Damian all go to bed, and shit goes crazy!

SPOILERS: Batgirl #17

Flash forward, Gotham is on fire (literally) as Batgirl  jumps through the flames trying stop the guy who just shot an RPG at her. Flash back to 24 hours ago where post "Death of the Family" (uh, spoilers, she's alive?) Babs is going through police databases trying to find people she knows to have been working with the Joker recently, violating their parole. She anonymously sends the photos and IDs to her father, then heads out and encounters that Ricky guy again.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Batman #17 Preview

CNN getting into the comic preview game? This can't be good. See you later Alfred, Damian will be there to meet you shortly. Buzz Comics has some full images though.

(Source: CNN)

Batgirl #17 Preview

This would be the first of two issues written by Ray Fawkes, if you didn't already notice by the difference of style. Will be interesting to see how these two play out.

(Source: CBR)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stack Rundown, 02/09/2013

So, like many people this week, I started reading Green Arrow, as Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's first issue was finally released, and well... it's pretty great.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Batman and Robin #17 Preview

Say goodbye to Damian everybody! Dead! Dead! DEAD!

God I'm in such a bummed Batman mood.

(Source: Newsarama)

Li'l Gotham #5 Preview

The next chapter (Valentine's Day) comes out on Sunday, followed by another chapter sometime later this month. If you haven't been reading this series, I feel sorry for you.

(Source: USA Today)

Get your crowbars ready...

Because we've got a Robin to kill!

For a while now, there's been a thought of "Is Grant Morrison going to kill Damian Wayne?" After all, he did say that his finale of Batman Incorporated would make us cry, and I don't think anyone is shedding a tear over the death of Knight. That said, I'm a creature of logic, fairly cynical logic. I look at this sort of stuff and think "Damian is really popular, sells books, there's no way they can axe him off." That, and the last time DC killed a child, it didn't turn out very well (granted, that was part of a story not  a whole lot of people liked). So here I am basically thinking everyone else is acting crazy and over reacting.

Then, for some reason I was going over the WTF April covers again this week. When I came across Batman and Robin #18 again, I was looking at it with the concept in mind, and thought that the only way it could be "WTF" worthy is if the character on the other half of the cover isn't Damian... Then, like an influx of horrible repressed memories making their way back to the surface, it all hit me...

Damian Wayne is going to die.

Batman Group May 2013 Solicitations

Hooray for putting these out early, rather than Monday. Here are a bunch of creative notes spread through out the list.
  • Miguel Sepulveda is filling in on Talon. It seems we'll see Calvin in Birds of Prey next month (June) as well. Snyder is also no longer credited as writing the title, which shouldn't really matter since it was pretty much all Tynion to begin with.
  • Szymon Kudranski is drawing The Dark Knight Annual.
  • Fernando Pasrin is drawing Batgirl, don't know if that's permanent or not.
  • Ardian Syaf is drawing Catwoman Annual.
  • Fabrizio Fiorentino is still drawing Batwing, which is odd since you'd think they'd get someone new to go with the new writers.
  • Al Barrionuevo is drawing the Red Hood annual
  • Fill in on Red Hood already, as Julius Gopez will be drawing #20.
Also... Damian Wayne is probably fucking dead, just saying. I'll update this post when we get the Batman Inc cover cover added, but take note that it's the variant.

(Source: Comicvine)

Brett Booth's Nightwing Promo

Soon to be Nightwing artist Brett Booth just posted a promo piece he did for fun, giving us a better taste of what we can expect in his and Kyle Higgins' future issues of Nightwing. Amongst the finger stripes, we can also see what is probably a new female character under Dick, and a dude with a Phantom Stranger (though probably not) sillhoutte going on in the background.

Said it before, Booth is suited perfectly for the character, and I'm looking forward to when he takes over in April, a lot.

(Source: Brett Booth's Twitter)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vibe gets the Batman bump.

So this is also happening, and I'll be it will be hilarious.

Also, yes, I did immaturely snicker at the title I came up with for this.

(Source: MTV Geek)

A New Batman on Earth 2?

Remember how when Earth 2 launched, I thought "oh look, it'll have an alternate version of Batman, I'll keep tabs on that for the site!" and then they straight up killed him, leaving me to go "lol, nevermind."

That was until today with the announcement of an Earth 2 annual, with a Batman in a very different costume on the cover. Say what you will about DC, but they never fail to pique my interest all the time with this kind of stuff.

(Source: CBR)

Gray and Palmiotti reinventing Batwing

So an "all new" Batwing had been teased in solicitations and recently in the back of this week's books, which I had no idea about because DC doesn't publish those digitally... REGARDLESS, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray will be taking over Batwing in May with an all new take.

Color me intrigued. DC just axed six books, which now makes Batwing their lowest seller... if this was enough to keep it around, I'll give it a shot. Again, expect full details on Monday.

(Source: CBR)

Dark Knight, Red Hood, Catwoman Annuals in May

DC has just dropped a whole shit ton of announcements, including a LOT of cancellations, but in terms of news relevant to this site, lets get the big one out of the way. Red Hood and the Outlaws, Batman: The Dark Knight and Catwoman will all be getting annuals. With that, Earth 2 will also be getting an annual with some form of Batman on the cover.

Not a whole lot of specifics were annoucned with the Annuals, Tynion will be writing Red Hood, and I guess you can assume the same writers will be on the others. Expect full details on Monday with solicitations.

(Source: CBR)

So... I'm just going to leave this here

So I was reading the latest issue of Swamp Thing and then I noticed a rot infected character with a golden bat symbol and blonde hair maybe not blonde hair, but if it's not, it still looks like another character. My immediate thought:


Just for reference...


Now, lord knows... The costume maybe closely related to Batwoman's and it could have just been a coloring mistake, but... You know what, I'd rather see a whole bunch of conspiracy theories, so 3 2 1 GO!