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Stack Rundown, 01/19/2013

Another stack rundown post where I have to hold myself back from just writing "Saga" over and over again 7,328 times... I'll try. No promises though.

Demon Knights #16

So, I had originally started reading this book when it first came out, but as I've expressed a few times, for some reason, I can never get into Paul Cornell's work. Not an issue of quality or anything, it's just this weird thing where I always lose focus halfway through an issue. So, that said, I liked the concept enough that when I saw Cain from I, Vampire in the first issue from Robert Venditti, I thought to give it another try, and I'm glad I did. Maybe it's because I know I, Vampire is done and I wanted as much of the mythology as I could get, yeah, but it doesn't change the fact that the cast of characters in this book are really interesting, and have been from the start. Putting this run on the book 30 years later lends itself well to some interesting changes and a fucked up last page I just spoiled, so it's safe to say I'll continue to read this run on the title.

Suicide Squad #16

Next to Red Hood and the Outlaws, this is the book I want a writer change on, just because. Not to say Adam Glass is doing terribly or anything, I just feel after 16 issues, this book has become incredibly stagnant, which in particular does this book no favors, I just want to see a change to shake things up. This is the third (second in three issues) issue where it's pretty much "well it's in between missions, lets check up on everyone through out Belle Reeve." Like yeah, there's something going on with how Waller is healing everyone, but it's just shit from Resurrection Man, whoopee. Writing this, I've come to the decision that I'm done. Until the book gets a new writer, I'm out.

Deathstroke #16

Justin Jordan has breathed new life into this title, as I hoped he would. It's fun, Slade is a badass, and it is violent as all hell... lot as much as Luther Strode, but almost. The interesting thing about these two issues are that they seem like they were essentially inventory issues, and next issue, the "real" new writer is set to take over. I remember when this was announced Jordan saying something like just doing two issues, and then Gail Simone revealed there were plans for her to take over the title. Regardless, none of that never happened, and Jordan is still writing the book, so I'm very interested to see where he goes with the title knowing that he's not just a temporary two issue guy, has some room to stretch his wings and tell a story.

Team 7 #4

Speaking of Justin Jordan, Team 7... I think I figured out whats not working for me with this title. The whole premise was sort of a secret history of the New 52, right? Well... instead of actually doing that, it seems like DC just wanted it to tie into this sort of Black Diamond crossover that they never mentioned at all. The book takes place in the past... and that's it. That being said, I enjoyed the finale probably the most of the previous issues, and have to say Jesus Merino's art was a lot better than anything else he's done on the title so far... and now it seems like the guy who did Red Hood #14 with all those herpaderp chubby faces is taking over... great. Anyways, same thing as Deathstroke, I'm looking forward to Jordan doing something outside this "crossover" with the title.

All-New X-Men #6

I had some hesitation about this title, but six issues in, and I've got to say, it's really, really fun. There's just something really entertaining about seeing all the younger X-Men deal with all those who knew them in the present, be it Jean learning of herself from the people who would eventually become her friends, or Wolverine playing truant officer with Cyclops. It's just fun. We do see Angel meet himself in this issue, and having just finished UXF's Dark Angel Saga, I'm wondering if anyone is actually going to tell him "yeeeeeeeah, you kinda went nutso for a bit there." Then of course we have some other people finally seeing that the kiddy X-Men are in the present, so I'm sure that'll be the start of a larger conflict as well.

New Avengers #2

Well, now I know how the Multiverse works in the Marvel Universe, charts and all... Thanks Jonathan Hickman! I'm not quite sure how this is syncing up with his Avengers book yet, but we'll have to see. Anyways, that scene between Black Panther and Namor? Pretty badass. The rest? I'm just sitting back and seeing where this takes me. Everyone keeps telling me this is bound to get crazy, and I believe them, but I'm not going to sit here and go "HOLY CRAP THIS IS CRAAAAAZY" cus as of now, nothing has quite happened yet.

Savage Wolverine #1

Let me explain my complex through process as to why I bought this title... I was sitting there starring at my iPad, having just bought my other Marvel titles and thought "whatever" and clicked buy. TA-DA! Here's what I knew about this book... 1. Frank Cho is a good artist, and draws some pretty looking ladies. 2. Wolverine fights dinosaurs? Good enough for me! This book has a ridiculous factor that is what brought me into it, and sure enough it was pretty entertaining. The issue I have with it, and some other Marvel NOW titles, is that it feels like it shouldn't be an ongoing. Wolverine being trapped in the Savage Land seems like a very finite story to me, and I don't see how it's supposed to continue in the long term. For instance, if this book goes on for a year, and he's still in the Savage Land, at some point the suspension of disbelief has to break down when you start to think "yeah, but he's also doing all this shit with the Avengers... the Uncanny Avengers... his school, etc." This would be like if you started a book where Batman was just doing shit in Metropolis, that could work for a few issues, at most. But whatever, quite honestly, I'm willing to not take this book that seriously, just wanted to get that out there.

The Li'l Depressed Boy #15

When I went to buy Saga, I saw that this title had a new issue that completely snuck up on me... I think the last one was in October or something? Anyways, I continue to enjoy this title for what it is. It's in no way a guilty pleasure, because it's not like I'm ashamed to read it or anything, but it has that sort of vibe where it's SO completely different to all the other stuff I read, where if I cared about what people thought of the comics I read, then it would be. At the end of the day, it's a nice little charming story... now hopefully I'll see the next issue before April.

Saga #9

Saaaagaaaa! Every time this book comes out, it just brightens up my week. So much weirdness, so much great art, so much great dialogue. Everything about this book is perfect. We get another full issue of The Will this time around, who seemed to go a bit off course in his job to find the Marko and Alana, but then he meets Marko's ex, she helps him with some stuff and it all ties together really nicely to make The Will a threat again. God damn this book is good! I do feel as if the timing of this issue felt a little out of place though. Marko and his mother are in the middle of some serious shit with the festering penis guy on that one planet, meanwhile Alana and Marko's father are all "Oh crap! You're dying." Regardless, the Will is a cool character, so I can't complain all too much... No but seriously... SAAAAGAAAAA!

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