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Stack Rundown, 01/12/2013

I honestly don't know what I've been thinking in the past few weeks saying stuff like, "man, I've got a  lot of books this week." Because you know what, it's every week. At least I'm looking at today's list and can know that one title is ending soon, one is a mini series, and I'm probably going to drop another one. Man, so many, many books.

Animal Man #16

Am I crazy, or were we told that we'd be surprised at the identity of the Green Lantern in Rotworld? I mean... okay, Medphyll, an obscure GL... but there are a lot of those. I thought it'd be someone who we already knew, that got recruited into the Corps under desperate times, like Blackest Night in a way. Oh well. Anyways, we're wrapping up here, and it seems both Buddy and Alec in his book are converging on Arcane's fortress (from different sides apparently?) and Buddy and company are getting a warm welcome from The Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, some things happen with Maxine n the present that really make me wonder how this title is going to revert back into the present. Same with Swamp Thing, but we'll get back to that.

Swamp Thing #16

I already had talked about this a bit in my Rotten Gotham post, so I'm going to be brief with what happens, other than that last page. Jesus christ, that last page... So messed up. Poor Abby. That's what I was referring to up in the Animal Man section, how the hell do you go back from this?

Earth 2 #8

So apparently the fact that Fury was Wonder Woman's daughter on Earth 2 is news to a bunch of people? Man... everyone needs to listen to the Comicvine podcasts that have James Robinson as a guest. I swear I knew this one months ago. Regardless, the twist that Steppenwolf raised her was definitely a surprise. Could have sworn that this would be her trying to attack and kill Steepenwolf in order to avenge her mother. NOPE. Just her and Steppenwolf just taking over a country, cutting dudes in half and decapitating all the way. This sets up a couple of cool plot lines that this book could take. Obviously one would have to think that Fury will come at odds with the heroes of this world, and eventually learn the truth about Steppenwolf, etc. etc. I continue to really like this title.

Action Comics #16


The Phantom Stranger #4

I had intended to drop this title, but as the world found out that J.M. DeMatteis was coming on earlier than solicited, I figured I'd give it a try and see if it improved. It did, I'll admit that. The scripting is better, and the plot (all on Didio) is picking up a bit more steam. I did have a few issues, I don't think some of the characters' voices were nailed all that well. Constantine didn't sound like Constantine to me, and I thought Frankenstein spoke a little too eloquently. I also thought just the plot of Constantine trying to recruit the Phantom Stranger to the JLD was kind of dumb, and out of place. I just don't feel like that is something that would actually happen. Regardless, the quality did improve a bit, and the book has extended it's life with me for at least a few more issues.

Artifacts #24

This reminded me of the Angelus mini series that Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic did a while back, only freaky friday'd. I really enjoyed touching back to Dani and Finch, and the fact that by the end Tom Judge really gets the "Jackie fucked things up, lets fix this" plot going. But still... when Dani and Finch go to the Angelus' realm, and are attacked by some big ass demon, I still don't know what the point is? That big thing really seemed to have no connection to anything, I know the characters think it may have something to do with The Darkness, but that really doesn't seem to be the case. It was the same problem I had with the last two issues, just some random demon that felt like a time waster. Maybe there's some big thing that hasn't made itself clear, leading to a big "OOOOH" moment, but right now it feels like we're just getting issues that are sitting around, tapping their toes until The Darkness and Witchblade can sync up.

The Legend of Luther Strode #2

Man, this book is just fun. Great art, great over the top violence, and fun characters. I was relieved to see that the trope of the love interest turning antagonist didn't play out, as teased by the final page of the first issue. The thing that concerns me is the introduction of another character with the same powers that Luther has. Alright, you can ask yourself that given how freaking powerful Luther is, who would really stand a chance in a fight against him? But at the same time, if this just turns out to be Luther vs. the Librarian Sr. or whatever, I can't help but get the sense that the rest of the mini would just repeat itself. That said, there's nothing to say that is what will happen, just expressing a concern, I guess. We've got four more issues, so too early to judge.

Hack/Slash #22

Man, that first scene with Pooch was fucking sad. Holy crap. The series continues to march to its conclusion, as this was the issue where a lot of the characters pick up the pieces after all the deaths last issue. I'm gonna be sad to see this one go, especially since I just started reading it last summer. I will say though, the supposed origin of where the world starts to get taken over by the Black Lamp Society, being "The Gathering" of a fake Insane Clown Posse, complete with knock off Faygo, is fucking hilarious.

Guarding The Globe #5

I can't remember if this is the first time I've written about this title here or not? I may have picked up on the series sometime shortly after the release of #4, thus never spoke about it... Anyways! So basically, I like the Invincible universe, and had been looking at Todd Nauck's art for awhile and thought "I like his style, what's he doing now?" then I realize it's this... so, no brainer, right? I really enjoy it. Lot's of fun characters combined with great art. I'm not sure I care enough about Brit's son being autistic for it to be a major subplot of sorts each issue, but nevertheless, it's not like it bothers me. What does bother me is the sneaking suspicion that my home town is going to be blown up to hell, like every other city in Invincible world, given that Brit apparently lives here. It seemed to have moved to one (richer) county over in this issue though.

Avengers Arena #3

I think I'm out on this one. I just don't really care about these characters, with the exception of X-23, kind of, who we already saw makes it to day 29, so whatever. I don't take offense to the title as much as others, but I still can't help but think that in the end, Marvel is going cop out, and make it so no one actually died, which would in a way, be worse. 

Cable and X-Force #3

You know what I am liking from Hopeless? This book. I can't tell you the amount of humor I took in the realization that a key threat in this book is tainted fried-chicken... just sit there and think about it. Cable, and his band of outlaw mutants, are getting together, to destroy some fried chicken. That's ridiculous, and all sorts of funny when it sits in and hits you. I'm starting to get a greater appreciation for this book given the fact that I've just about made it through the Messiah Trilogy, and the X-Force run that went with it. Only thing that bugs me is the Cable is dying subplot. Yeah dude, that's pretty much all you do, apparently. Also, I demand more Domino. She's become my favorite, thus, obviously, what I want is best for the book... COMICS!

Thor: God of Thunder #4

Finally, Thor. This book is just badass. Not 57 pouches and guns bigger than your body badass, but just general old Norse badassery. The story telling mechanic is brilliant, and I can't wait to see Old Thor and Present Thor kicking ass together. I haven't looked much deeper into the solicits, but I'm wondering if this book will lose some of what makes it so good if they abandon the past present and future devices.

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