Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SPOILERS: Teen Titans #16

So Joker has evidentially been watching some Saw movies lately, as both Tim and Jason wake up chained together at the wrist, with Joker wanting to play a game. Joker presents both the Reds with two men, one Jason's father, one Tim's father... one of them is going to die, they need to choose. Jason isn't slow to pull a gun on Tim.

Well, let's get these two little blips out of the way... The Titans and Outlaws are still doing cleanup, Solstice feels that her friend "Lance" is around (Kurt Lance), and he is... then he gets attacked by Grey Lora from Basilisk, for some reason, and he takes her out, but then someone takes him out.

Then off in hell world or whatever, Trigon presents his minions with his daughter, Raven, probably indoctrinated or whatever.

Tim tries to talk Jason down, but Jason points out that Joker is the guy who brought his mom "back from the dead" so he's not taking chances. Tim is forced to fight back, all until he finally grows some balls, and fires some of the projectiles into the room, at Joker, with Jason following up with some bullets.

Tim points out that the two guys aren't their fathers, and they have a good laugh, well, not really, because at some point, Joker switched out his body, and the "Joker" they shot was nothing but a dummy, filled with gas... annnnnnd they wake up with two bloody platters waiting for them.


The Good:

Brett Booth's art makes me really want Nightwing #19 right now. He also would have been great on Red Hood, but apparently he doesn't like drawing archers, so boo, cus he draws a great Jason Todd. Also thought Nicieza did a good job of scripting Joker's voice. It was playful, yet menacing, and had some fun nuance to it, like Joker talking to himself.

The Bad:

I realize these teases are nothing new, but damn do they feel especially out of place given the fact we're in the middle of a cross over. If you told me Hugo Strange, Deathstroke, Trigon and Raven would be making cameos in Death of the Family, I would have told you that you were fucking crazy. Same with the Basilisk thing showing up with Kurt Lance... just blah, who cares about them? Then, where as last week's Red Hood had a serious lack of main characters, this issue had a serious lack of supporting characters.

The Bottom Line:

This was a fun issue, with great art, and I like what Scott Lobdell has done with Tim and Jason's relationship in The New 52, that said, I feel like this issue had yet another serious lack of balance with the characters. The random plot set ups with all those cameos didn't help as well. Then just as a general note (not a knock on this issue itself) but by the fourth time, the silver platter ending is pretty predictable.


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