Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SPOILERS: Teen Titans #15

Tim Drake has been kidnapped by the Joker, and in such an event, he made sure to leave a breadcrumb trail for his teammates to follow in hopes of getting some help, and that leads the Teen Titans (minus Superboy) to Batgirl, who isn't all that impressed. Babs doesn't have the time to play with the Titans, and informs them just how fucked up the situation is... and boy is it ever.

Tim wakes up to find himself in his old (Red) Robin costume, with the Joker taunting him from above, while having fun with his wing cape, while giving the standard Bat-King weakened by family speech and what not.

Before Babs leaves the Titans to their own devices, she does tell them that Joker's MO seems to be hitting up old crimes, giving them a list of possible locations Tim could be. The titans split up, and the duo of Kid Flash and Solstice find themselves searching through an old abandoned apartment building, with Bart unkowningly seeming to kick up something with his speed.

Back in parts unknown, Joker continues to taunt Tim, finishing many of Tim's internal thoughts out loud, in a creepy way. Then Joker shows Tim a nicely drawn out plan of a certain speedster going to an old apartment building in search of Tim, kicking up some Joker toxin, and infecting everyone in the place...

Sure enough, that's exactly what happens, just as Joker had planned. Solstice and Kid Flash signal both Bunker and Wonder Girl for help, but before they can come, both of them seem to feel as if their powers are increasing (something to apparently be addressed in Birds of Prey #15, while we see Kurt Lance doing some hoodoo that's also having an effect on Black Canary).

As Wonder Girl and Bunker arrive to help out Kid Flash and Solstice, they're not alone, as the cavalry arrives in the form of Arsenal and Starfire, 2/3 of the Outlaws!


The Good:

Say whatever you want about Lobdell, but god damn do I love Bunker. His interactions with Batgirl were pretty funny, par for the... no, not going do that one... I could go down a pretty bad pun hole with that. Anyways, on top of the fun Bunker stuff, Brett Booth is back to finish off his run on the title before he moves on to something, and damned if it wasn't great! One final note, Fabian Nicieza's help on the scripts is very noticeable, and welcome in my book.

The Bad:

Throw this up as another Death of the Family issue where the Joker just pretty much talks the entire time... made even weirder by Babs addressing the fact that Joker likes to talk before actually doing anything. It's that sort of metacontext that doesn't do fun stuff like a Community episode, but just shines the light on a flaw of the issue. Also, no Jason.

The Bottom Line: 

Like... on one hand, this is fun... great art, some good Joker bits, and fun character interactions. But on the other hand, I wish the Joker would just fucking do something already. Outside of Batman, he's only actually done anything in Nightwing and Batgirl. The little bits of fun don't completely mask the slight sense of boredom that came over me after reading through the issue.


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