Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #4

The situation at Court of Owls National Bank has gone to hell pretty quick, as Calvin gets his shit rocked, and Sebastian figures out just what he's up against. Figuring out that they're dealing with the man known as the Gotham Butcher, Sebastian suggests one thing, and one thing only, get the money, and run.

While Calvin is getting his ass kicked, Sarah's associate Joey manages to complete the transfer he started, and get everyone else out of dodge. On street level, Sebastian guides Calvin into a subway tunnel at the exact time a train is passing so he can escape...

CUT TO: Interior of Casey's base as she patches Calvin up and--OH SHIT, THEY PUT A TRACKER ON HIM, and the Gotham Butcher comes knocking at Calvin's door. Remember Nicky from last issue? Bye-Bye.

Casey scrambles her people to get an evacuation going, as she attempts to wipe all the drives. Instead of letting the Butcher find her, Calvin comes up with a plan, and uses the tracker in his suit to guide the Butcher further into the tunnels, as everyone else escapes.

The Butcher eventually comes to find Calvin, and even though he gives one of those vein bad-guy speeches, Calvin blows the roof on the tunnel, letting the (very cold) water from the Hudson river pour in.

Of course, because Calvin is an escape artist, he manages to survive the water, and finds Casey and her daughter Sarah on the shore. He tells them they're going back to Gotham to fight the Court the way they should have done it from the first place, together... and that the Gotham Butcher won't be bothering them anymore...

But you see... the Court has wised up to the whole "cold" thing... as a glowing hand, with some sort of heat source, no doubt, emerges from the river sometime later.


The Good:

Man, Calvin is just an awesome character, hands down. Cunning, tricky, brave... what's there not to like about him? With the reintroduction of Casey and Sarah in these past two issues, we've really seen Calvin been given a reason to be, some motivation past the obvious "The Court of Owls are bad, and I'm good! Let's do this!" His caring for those two characters have really humanized him in a way, and given the book some emotional weight by allowing readers to get that much more invested into the main character. 

I also do like the fact that the Court has wised up to the whole cold thing, it's about time.

The Bad:

Enjoyed this one from start to finish.

The Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, this book is just fun. We've gotten a full arc by now, and I've got to say, any worry I had about being burnt out on the Court of Owls by now is long gone. It works because this isn't Batman. If we still had Bruce going up against the owls 17 months later, it would be VERY old by now, but since Tynion, Snyder and March have brought us an entertaining new character, it works with the different perspective. This issue really gives us that clear picture of who Calvin Rose is, and why he does what he does. Great stuff.



  1. I love this series, but I had a problem with the end of this issue. If the water pouring down over the Butcher was supposed to freeze him like the other talons to prevent him from healing and continuing to fight, then wouldn't the water be too cold for Calvin as well? Calvin seems to think the Butcher is gone for good because of this, but if he survived, he should have known that it wouldn't keep down the guy who was clearly stronger than himself. Does this make sense or am I just missing something?

    1. Calvin was prepared to escape, the butcher wasn't.