Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #3

Six years ago, when Calvin decides to leave Casey Washington, the woman he saved from the Court of Owls, in NYC, she proves herself quite more than a helpless damsel in distress. She tells Calvin (albeit, a bit pissed and reluctantly) that if he's going to do it, he's going to do this, he's going to do it right. Casey gives Calvin a po box in Central City, telling him to find it in a week, and it will be filled with five false, completely fleshed out IDs and a phone number. Once he goes through the IDs, he's to call the number again, and he'll be given five more. Damn Casey, you smart. As Casey leaves, Calvin tries to get a last word in (potentially romantic?) but Casey shuts him the hell down. Buuuuuurn.

Present day, Calvin is in NYC waiting for Casey on a bridge, while basically telling Sebastian to fuck off with his "take down the Court of Owls' bank in the city" plan for the time being. Things go pretty bad once Calvin gets attacked by two people who seem to be on the look out for possible Court members, and one neck dart later, Calvin is knocked out.

Calvin wakes up to find himself surrounded by a band of less than reputable characters, who are all lead by one Casey Washington. Seems she's been busy with her own war against the Court of Owls... and League of Assassins, and any other freaking organization, having saved former members from many of them. Casey proves just how on top of her shit she is even more by hacking into Sebastian's feed, and getting in on his plan to rob the Court's bank blind.

The next day, Calvin finds himself wearing an EMP mask (which you'll recognize from many of Scott Snyder's stories) and walking right past the bank's security leader, who just happens to be a hulking Talon in a black suit. Then the plan goes into operation, one of Casey's operatives walks into the lobby, sticking the place up, leaving the building to go into lockdown, and Calvin being left alone, where his gear is delivered to him. Before the Talon security guard can gut the woman sticking up the place, two more of Casey's operatives burst in, posing as cops. Meanwhile, as Calvin is transferring all the Court's saved money through an electric transfer, he peeks his head out the window to take a look and see if his get away route is clear... only to get his head grabbed by the Talon formerly known as the Gotham Butcher!


The Good: 

Casey stole the show. She's a god damn bad ass. End of story. Looking for a not sexualized female (drawn by Guillem March no less) who's a total bad ass on top of her shit? Look no further. So you know, feel free to put that in the pros and cons list (though I doubt it will, go figure). Other than that, it was a joy to have March back after that brief one issue break.

The Bad:

Not a whole lot to complain about. I do have a gripe with not properly being introduced to characters though. We just get Edgar, Nicky, Joey, and a woman whose last name is only given, unless I missed it. No big deal though.

Bottom Line:

Calvin Rose may be the star of the book, but he was definitely out-shined this issue. Perhaps a little too much? I don't know, while I thought the issue was really good, I felt it almost needed a touch more Calvin to balance out the great reintroduction we got to Casey. Issue was pretty light on the actual Court too. DESPITE ALL THAT, I'm coming off more negative than I mean to. Great issue, as fun as the first few, just didn't have that extra spark I found in the earlier ones.


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