Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #16

As we left off last month, the impromptu team of the Teen Titans and Outlaws, minus their Red named leaders, are left to deal with an entire abandon building's worth of jokerized hobos and vagrants. As one would expect, there's plenty of banter to go around between the two.

With a temporary fix to the situation at hand, the two teams take a breather, and eventually agree to listen to Roy, who directs Kid Flash and all the ladies to go out looking for the cure to the toxin, that Crux's old ship managed to find. While those four search for the cure, Roy and Bunker stay behind to hold the Joker hobos at bay.

HEY! A vignette, because I like using that word tonight! Roy begins to think about where he's come in the last year... or so... or whatever, since "back then" when he was a burn out, being rehabilitated by Killer Croc of all people.

Elsewhere, Kid Flash and company manage to find the cure, but seems ol' Uncle Joker tricked them with into stumbling upon a bomb, but Kid Flash being Kid Flash, manages to keep his lady friends out of harm's way... but not before grabbing all the vaccinations first. Meanwhile, Roy fights off crazy hobos with Bunker, and is truly impressed with the kid, seeing a lot of himself in him.

Elsewhere, remember in one interview James Tynion was asked to describe his Red Hood in one word, and he said "Strange?" Well, Hugo fuckin' Strange is chilling in St. Louis, doing a book signing, so that's cool?

Kid Flash manages to get the vaccines back to Roy and Bunker, and hooray, no more Joker fiends...

Then ELSEWHERE, again, apparently Deathstroke has it out for the Outlaws now? Sure.

Then elsewhere elsewhere... Joker is fixing up a nice Red Hood mask.


The Good:

As per usual, I enjoy the banter in this book. It's dumb fun, really. I like how Roy was given an issue to shine as well... I don't say it a lot, but I really like the New 52 Roy Harper, he's fun. 

Hell, I even liked the art more than usual in this issue.

The Bad:

Barely any Joker, even less Jason and Tim. I'm all for sharing the spotlight, but as since there wasn't a whole lot of Tim and Jason in the last issue of Teen Titans, I'm kind of starved for that at this point. Also, I realize they're probably set ups, but the Hugo Strange and Deathstroke things were really out of place.

The Bottom Line:

Fun issue, like I've come to expect from the title, but as stated above, the hit provided by a serious lack of name-sake characters is pretty darn noticeable. Hopefully next week's issue of Teen Titans really redeems this crossover within a crossover...


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