Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #16

As one would expect, both Black Canary and Starling think Batgirl is crazy for suggesting a Talon join their ranks, and things go from bad to worse when Condor, the Birds' Japan buddy, comes flying in from nowhere, believing Strix, formerly known as Mary, is attacking his favorite gals.

Trying to get the situation underhand, Dinah tells Ev to go get Condor in line (which she gladly handles, seeing as she wants to pay him back for throwing her off a building), leaving both her and Babs to deal with a pissed off Mary, who gets a shot in on Dinah, before Babs puts herself in between the two.

Eventually, everything cools down, and Dinah asks what the hell Condor is doing in Gotham. Turns out, he's got some info on the Basilisk weapons dealer from issue #0, who is getting out of federal prison and back up to his old tricks.

So a few weeks later, the Birds go on the prowl to take down the Basilisk cell in Gotham. The team splits up, taking guards out quietly and all seems to be going well, until Dinah's powers begin to freak out again (due to Kurt Lance, apparently, but he doesn't show up in the issue). Dinah lets out a Canary Cry so loud, that it ends up knocking out the power in a large portion of the city, while leaving some immediate destruction in her vicinity. No hiding it now, something is wrong with Canary.


The Good:

Batgirl is colored correctly! HOORAY. Still find the dynamic of the team to generally be enjoyable, and Mary playing the (mute) straight man to Ev is a pretty damn funny combination.

The Bad:

I don't want to place blame on Swierczynski here, because I've liked his writing on this title and some others I've read, but this felt like an issue written by a guy who knew he only had one more issue to go. If I had to describe a lot of my thoughts on the low points, it would be "whatever." We're revisiting the nameless, faceless weapons dealer from issue #0? Whatever. Basilisk as a whole? Whatever. Yeah, become a credible threat in Justice League, then I'll believe this anti super hero Kobra knock off is a threat to give a crap about, DC. Condor and his motivations? Whatever. If books had souls, this issue would definitely be missing a part of it.

The Bottom Line:

I hate when I don't like an issue of this series, because the characters are great, and the dynamic between them is always fun, but this penultimate issue to Swierczynski's run doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence for the final issue, but then again, I'm not entirely sure he's to blame for that. Looking forward, given the editorial nonsense that has surrounded this book, I can only hope Marx comes in and injects the title with some excitement.


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  1. I definetly agree with you that this book is missing some soul!
    It started so off sort of dark and edgy and now it's all softcore and bland.
    The new Birds team is whatever. Like whose more awesome: Condor and Strix or Poison Ivy and Katana?
    I'm slowly backing away from this series, if Ivy comes back then I will too.