Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwoman #16

Batwoman and Wonder Woman land in the middle of the war-torn shit hole that Gotham currently is, to find things going pretty badly. Among the devastation, Killer Croc turned Hydra has destroyed the building Kate was based out of, as well as all her personal memorabilia and memories. Kate begins to instinctively start fighting, heading towards the Hydra, until she's stopped by Diana, who talks some sense into her, telling Kate that she'll deal with the Hydra, as the children are still out there.

We then get a series of little vignette between many characters.

Turns out Medusa's plan is to summon her mother, Ceto, the mother of all monsters, and the children's souls are needed to bind her to the world. We get a little bit of Greek mythology with that too.

Cameron Chase gives us a little bit on why she fights against vigilantes, but this is a war, that scares even her.

Mr. Bones goes mono y mono with Medusa, but ends up getting knocked around by The Hook.

Bette Kane aka Flamebird comes back to get a second round with the Hook, even though she too is scared shitless of being gutted again. She's got a new costume too that's... going to end up in my "The Bad" section.

Abott and the Religion of Crime show up to assist Kate, while Wonder Woman tackles the Hydra.

Finally, just as Kate reaches the ocean where Medusa, Maro and the Weeping Woman are summoning Ceto with Maro's blood, it seems it is too late. Kate manages to get Weeping Woman to turn, but the ritual is complete, and Ceto begins to rise from the water.


The Good:

Oh hey, look at that, I'm complimenting JH Williams III's art again, isn't that fresh? But seriously... hooooolleeeee fuck! Williams' art on the title has always been astounding, but throw in the Hydra and all this greek mythology stuff, and it gets even better. That's insanity to think, but it's true. Dave Stewart's colors also make every beast, every monster and every hero just pop.

I also appreciated the vignette style of story telling in this issue, as well as the way Todd Klein lettered a lot of the captions with out real boxes. The lettering has been like that for awhile, but I figured I'd just mention it here.

The Bad:

Really don't like Bette's new costume... she looks like a luchador to me, which is kinda weird.

The Bottom Line:

This issue might not be the most... let's say, "involved," issue in the story telling department, but god damn if I don't care. From the start, I've loved the whole vibe this Batwoman Wonder Woman vs the Gods arc has given us. It's big, beautiful, and epic, despite how much I hate to use that word. This issue definitely continues the trend, and I'm looking forward to the conclusion next month (but not Williams' leaving art duties).


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