Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #16

A few weeks ago in Tinasha, a teenage prostitute was murdered, and the man accused of the crime, Ancil Marksbury, the son of Africa's leading industrialist, walked thanks to corrupt policemen. Now, another woman lays dead, as both David and Kia inspect the crime scene.

Both of the cops know exactly who committed the crime, but don't have anything to warrant an arrest, let alone be able to stick, until one girl decides to speak up. David uses the fact that a witness saw Marksbury in his report, but knowing just how corrupt the police force is, leaves out her name for her safety.

David continues to take the matter into his own hands, threatening the murderer's father, issuing a warning, while narrowly escaping the police. While in the Haven, Matu Ba speaks with David, almost playing devils advocate to the young hero, pointing out the pledge he made to himself and Batman is preventing any permanent consequences being issued to these criminals who can work the system. Nevertheless, David reminds Matu that he made a promise to "stand for something more."

The next day, Kia finds one of the corrupt detectives trying to find out the name of the witness in the report, which ultimately ends up to him and some other corrupt cops beating out of their superior at his house later that night. David has to rush to the girl's home in order to protect her, even without his suit. When his fellow policemen show up, they don't hesitate to fire upon David, who is ultimately saved by his armor, remotely controlled by Matu, with a hologram projector making it seem like someone is in the suit.

With all said and done, David's fellow police officers now not only distrust him, but have it out for him, and now Kia too. Marksbury's father isn't too happy, and speaks with men unknown, hiring hits on both David and Batwing.


The Good:

The threat this issue dealt with was unique for the series, as corrupt police have been an underlying theme of the title, but never directly addressed in any length. I found it as an interesting change of pace, that I wouldn't necessarily be turned off to, if it continues. The art was also more to my liking this month, compared to last.

The Bad:

While I just sung praises for the change of pace, it was good, and not great, which definitely works against the title. This book is at a point that it really needs to WOW me to get me to care about it the way I did in the first arc, but it's just not happening.

The Bottom Line:

It's fine... I mean, that's all I can really say. Is it bad? No, not at all. All that exciting? Not really. I think mentally, this book has just dug itself into such a hole for me. Is it fair that I judge it on that? Probably not, but I'm being honest, and I'm not finding a great amount of joy reading it. Is it anyone's fault on the team right now? No. I can't really blame Nicieza for me not being that into the title anymore, that's like blaming the relief pitcher who comes in when your starter has given up 7 runs in 3 innings. BASEBALL.


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