Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman Incorporated #6

The gloves are off, and Talia isn't playing any games. Batman enters the building she just blew to hell to find himself in a hostage situation with his baby momma, as well as dealing with many of his agents gravely injured. All this while Talia is spitting off some mythical goat head shit that I couldn't explain to you very well! Sorry.

Elsewhere, in the Batcave... on a lighter note, Jason is taking not of just how fucking ridiculous everything as got, mainly the cow. HEY! Fuck you, Jason. Bat-Cow rules. Alfred also gives Damian a new pet in a cat he found, who turns out to be kind of a dick, like my cat coincidentally, and Damian calls him Alfred. But in the middle of all the pet shenanigans, Levianthan cracks the Batcave's code, and starts broadcasting the conversation between Talia and Bruce.

With Bruce pleading with Talia to settle the issue like normal people, he gets nothing back except hints of Talia's new world order and an ultimatum... Save Gotham City from the hell she's about to unleash, or save his son. His city, or his son, only one... with Damian listening in.

Bruce refuses to answer Talia, with shit getting worse for Knight, Squire, Batwing and company, as they begin to be attacked by an unknown assailant. As Bruce ascends, he finds the Heretic throwing a giant boulder down the multiple floors, with the hostages attached to it, while Talia is still pushing the choice she needs him to make.

Finally, on the roof, the Heretic is also attacking Knight and Squire (yeah, I'll address this weirdness) and making quick work of them... In fact, Knight might be dead... hard to come back from a snapped neck. Bruce joins the fight, but that doesn't go any better either. As Heretic is kicking his ass, Talia reveals a secret. The Batman that destroys Gotham, who we think to be Damian? Yeah, that was the third Batman in Bruce's dream (WAAAAAY back in the start of this run) not Michael Lane. And that Batman, it isn't the Damian we all know and love, Talia made him. (*cough*Batmanandrobin12*cough*) And that Batman is throwing Bruce off the top of the building, while an army of Leviathan controlled children attack Gotham.


The Good:

This book is sooo goooooood! The build up to the six year long pay off is so god damn intense, I can't stand it. The batcave scene? Fantastic. The ultimatum given to Bruce? So messed up! Argh... I can't stand how good this book is. BAT-COW!

The Bad:

Fill in art, booooooooo. At least it was only four pages. There's also the sequence with the Heretic that just flat out confused me. Page 16, Bawing seemingly gets punched in the back of the head by the Heretic. Page 17, Heretic is inside doing away with the hostages, page 18, he's back to fucking up Knight and breaking his neck. I have a hard time believing that he punched Batwing, ran to the hostages, did away with them, and went back to the Batman Inc agents. But the first page of this sequence is the last of the fill in, so you know what... I'm blaming all my confusing on that! LOGIC!

The Bottom Line:

Is this volume of Batman Incorporated the most accessible book? To an extent, no. One could jump on and get some enjoyment out of it, but having all the knowledge of Batman & Son on makes this title that much better. I love a lot of what's going on in Gotham at the moment, but no other book is building up as much hype as this one. I cannot wait to get to the pay off of this story, and this issue is really where some of the pieces start to fall into place. If you really haven't invested yourself in the Morrison Bat epic, and are reading this book and not "getting it" entirely, you're just doing it wrong. Read it all, it's entirely worth it, and with it, this book gets on a whole new level of craziness. 


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  1. As a jason todd fan I really want to see his participation in this bat-epic's (that's the defintion for this, epic, in every sense of the word) finale.