Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #16

A wave of kidnappings have swept over Gotham City, and of course, Batman is the only one who can stop it. Things get a bit complicated, as this isn't a few thugs grabbing one or two kids, these are armies of thugs, snatching people in mass quantities, and armed to the teeth, so much so that they can take down the Batplane. Remember that time the Batmobile got wrecked in The Dark Knight? Yeah, well, the same thing happens, as Bruce uses the remnants to give chase to the thugs, but only manages to save one woman, as the police arrive.

Bruce later returns to his home... or somewhere, with Alfred, and meets his girlfriend Natalya, who is once again, none too pleased with him, and starts talking down on him for skipping out again, all cumulating to her saying something along the lines of "I know who you are." But Bruce doesn't want to deal with it, decides to leave, and Natalya tells him not to come back. Good excuse for Bruce to go all Batman again!

Annnnd he does. First stop on his people to interrogate list is Penguin, who points out that he's not the only one who likes to cause trouble in their town, leaving with Bruce in need of more investigation.

Elsewhere, Mad Hatter is looking through a group of people outside a club he owns, I guess, trying to pick one out for something, the Tweeds not quite understanding what he's looking for. While he's doing that, Bruce investigates the scene of the kidnappings, and finds a wig with what seems to be a mind control device in it. Cut back to Hatter, who is having some guy he picked out read a line from a script, but when he doesn't do it to Hatter's liking, gets shot in the face. WHOOPS. You know what is also another big whoops? Some dude working for Hatter who suggests things are getting out of hand... which ends up with Matters thumbs in his eyeballs.


The Good: 

The big focus point of this issue is obviously the fact that it's Ethan Van Sciver's first issue on art. He did not disappoint, that's for sure. EVS has somewhat of a classic look to his Batman. Yes, it's the New 52 costume and all that, but when I look at how he draws the character, for some reason I get a sense of nostalgia. Can't really describe it in any other way, so sorry if that's vague. Regardless, great replacement for David Finch, and he also draws the Mad Hatter in a REALLY creepy way, so that's a plus.

The Bad: 

Added to the very abrupt ending, we didn't get a whole lot of motivation on Hatter's part. We know he's kidnapping a bunch of people, and doing some sort of casting... that's about it. Not a whole lot of substance to go off of from that. Combine that with the ending, and it felt like the book was missing a page or two.

Also, I just can't bring myself to care about Bruce's girlfriend. It's just that cynic in me knowing she probably just doesn't matter. Like... good on her, she's intelligent, independent, and calls Bruce out on his shit. Cool. Still don't care.

The Bottom Line:

This was a set up issue, for sure, but even as far as set up issues go, this one was lacking a bit. Despite all that, EVS was the main attraction, and a strong showing from him gives the faults I found with the issue itself a bit of a pass. Hurwitz does eventually deliver, I've read enough of his Batman stories to know that, so I'm not worried.


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