Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #15

Batman is sitting alone in his room healing up from his last encounter with Scarecrow, but doesn't have much time, as Crane begins to launch his attack, flooding Gotham with his fear toxin. Bruce quickly heads into the city to deal with the madness, while Alfred, yes, Alfred and Lucius Fox try to synthesize a cure for the virus, but bad news... it would take months to properly create an antidote.

Bruce comes up with an idea though, since he's already fought off Scarecrow's new fear toxin, he figures they can use some of the natural antibodies in his blood to help synthesize the cure... Long story short, Bruce manages to connect his blood stream to some machines in his hovering batplane and uses it to cover the city in a gas made partially out of his blood. Fucking insane and ridiculous? Kind of, yeah. Sort of amazing though? You bet.

Bruce ends up using so much of his blood, that he nearly bleeds himself dry, but makes Damian promise to remote control steer the plane until the job is done. Damian eventually flies his father back to the cave, where Alfred is forced to frantically resuscitate Bruce while giving him a blood transfusion.

Odd scene with Bruce, Damian and Alfred at dinner, the cops finding Scarecrow's hideout with the help of the girl, and a scene of Bruce attending his girlfriend's piano performance later, we find ourselves watching Scarecrow get locked into a cell at Arkham where a hidden vial of his fear toxin breaks, and he's forced to relive his horrors of childhood.


The Good: 

Bruce's solution to the toxin, like noted, is all sorts of insane. But in an ironic sort of way, it's completely amazing. When you think about it, Bruce covered the city in his blood gas. WHAT?! But it totally kind of works in a weird way. For David Finch's last issue, he certainly went out big with a big action packed issue.

The Bad:

Someone stood out like a sour thumb...

Uuuuuh... How's it going Alfred? Not blinded I see... Alive, I see? An editor's box really was needed here.

Aside from that, I thought this wrapped up a bit too quickly, and we didn't really get any final confrontation between Bruce and Crane, so that was a bit of a let down.

Minor art gripe too, Finch seems to alternate between being able to see Damian's eyes behind the mask (wrong) and just seeing the white lens (right) which bugs me.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I had my fun with this issue, but if memory serves me correct, I found the final issue of Penguin P&P to wrap up a bit too quickly as well. Fun, but lacks that certain pay off. That and the two things I brought up above made me hold some serious reservations about this issue. Overall though, as an arc, I dig the villain psych profile aesthetic, and it had some truly great fun and art. Good start for Hurwitz, and hopefully EVS can continue the great art streak.


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  1. I was also confused at Alfred being there with perfect sight. I also found it odd that Batman would happily drench Gotham with his DNA???