Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Annual #1

In following with his retrieval of his grand mother's pearl, Damian decides to send his father on somewhat of a scavenger hunt across the globe, in search of more sentimental "treasures" so to speak. While Damian claims that he'll be one step ahead of his father, in reality, he remained in Gotham, with a camera in a green screen... What was he doing while not attempting to trick his father? Playing Batman!

While Bruce and Alfred travel to England, Spain and Greece to find a painting Martha painted, a location in an old picture of the Waynes, and the spot where Thomas proposed, Damian is back in Gotham, starring at the sun until it goes down, so he can dawn the suit, and fight some serious crime.

Lord knows, Damian has fun doing it, Bat voice and all. The threat at hand involves some guy who has been stealing gas, and blah blah, who cares about that, because god damn it, Damian is dressed up like Batman and it's awesome!

After dealing with the forgettable gas thief in his last night as Batman, Damian flies back to England to meet his father, who is already waiting for him, having known Damian really never left, citing some less than impressive green screen technique. Nevertheless, Bruce couldn't be happier or more grateful for Damian and all the thought he put into the trip. The two end their vacation of sorts watching Alfred act in a play with an old flame of his... As they wait for Alfred after the show, they soon find him storming out, insulted by the woman who gave him stage notes during the play. Basically Alfred says "Fuck England, let's get out of this shitty country and never return." Well alright, Alfred!


The Good:

As you may notice, I went a little light on the plot, and that's because that stuff didn't really matter. What was so fantastic about this issue was Damian as Batman, it was down right hilarious at times. There were all these quick little jokes, character beats and actions that made the issue a blast. One of my favorites is when Damian meets Gordon, who eventually realizes it is Robin, so he just dipsets out of there. 

The Bad: 

Not a thing.

The Bottom Line:

This was so much fun. Funny, light-hearted, and heartfelt, it was by far one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in quite some time.


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