Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #16

Faced with a seemingly Joker-ized Batman, Damian has no choice but to defend himself from his father's attacks, after Joker reveals that this strand of his toxin is open to commands, such as "Kill Robin." Damian holds back, trying to reach his father somewhere under the laugh, but it's no use as Batman goes straight for the kill, with every single attack, forcing Damian to fight back.

Of course, during the entire fight, Joker is crackin' wise the whole time, taking great pleasure in watching the demented situation he has authored. Damian, really not wanting to fight his father, manages to escape, farther into the zoo, but ends up being knocked into the water by Batman, as Joker watches on (making Aquaman cracks) from the tank windows below.

Damian is finally pushed to his limit, and starts fighting back for real this time. As he grabs a jagged icicle, with intent on using it to do some serious damage, he has second thoughts, dropping it, proclaiming he'd rather die then do what the Joker ask of him... Then Batman's chest explodes with a burst of gas, as that's not how Joker wanted the situation to play out. As Damian succumbs to Joker's gas, with his last bit of strength, takes one of Joker's screwdrivers, and stabs it through Joker's foot. In a scream of pain turned to laugh, Joker begins to scream, drawing a mustache on Damian's face, with his own screwdriver blood. Joker also reveals that Batman was actually a dojo master who owed some favors, to some bad people, and that was that.

As with everyone, Damian wakes up to Joker and his silver platter...


The Good:

Good christ, THE ART. Gleason and company have outdone themselves in these last two issues, they're so good. The inks and the use of shadow, especially on Joker's eyes, make the skin mask the creepiest it has ever been portrayed... sorry Capullo. The body language on Joker is also spot on, with a certain playfulness that really shows how sadistically he's enjoying the events at hand. The issue's story was good, but man... the art. That's what stole the show.

The Bad:

Don't have anything really bad to say about this one.

The Bottom Line:

Were these the most complex psychological tie ins? No. But Joker and Damian can probably be described as much as a unstoppable force meeting an unmovable wall, as Joker and Bruce, so that dynamic is fun to watch play out. Then there's the art, which lord knows I've already explained. Great issue.


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  1. I really thought what the Joker was going for with this set up was to damage Robin psychologically by making him think he’s killed Batman. Instead, by the end I felt like he wasn’t even serious about killing Robin at all, despite what he said. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this issue, but I’m still waiting for some major impact from the DOTF story line, as has been promised. We’re not seeing it yet; everyone is still standing, and there’s only one more month to go. But you are right, the art is exceptionally beautiful.