Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rumor: Tynion putting on the Red Hood?

Well, it hasn't taken long for Bleeding Cool to get 2013's rumor mill running, and Rich's first relevant rumor (to this blog) is that Talon and Batman back-up writer, James Tynion IV will be taking over Red Hood and the Outlaws wish issue #18.

As you may recall, I said just yesterday that I am ready for a new voice to come on to the title. Not because I hate Scott Lobdell or anything, I just want to see the title be reenergized, so this rumor makes me happy. Put a new artist on it and it'll make me really happy.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)


  1. Happy to see Tynion coming onto the title. He might bring a little bit of dark story telling, which is what I'm hoping. Of course, there might be tons upon tons of internal monologue but I'm cool with it. EXCITED!

  2. I'll admit I've only read the zero issue of Talon and my familiarity with RHATO stems from hearing about the controversy surrounding its first issue and keeping up with solicits, but regardless, putting Tynion on this book will make me more willing to check this book out.

  3. Since his great back-up that included Jason and the other Robins I really have wanted this switch to happen. Now a new artist would be a perfect blend too.

    I can't wait to enjoy Red Hood again! I've really wanted to since issues 1-7 were really fun, and Rocafort's art was beautiful.

  4. Wait, but hasn't issue 18 already been solicited with Lobdell attached to it? Or am I just not understanding how this stuff works? (Issue 18's were March 2013, right?)

    1. Gail Simone is also solicited to write Batgirl 17, and that isn't happen. Solicitations are done months in advance to have retailers get their orders in. They're very tentative.

  5. Very excited about this news. I had to drop RHATO for a while as the Starfire arc was boring. But I will be picking it back up for Death of the Family and onward. Love Talon, so this is great news.