Friday, January 11, 2013

Rotten Gotham

Scott Snyder has done a handful of terrible things to Bruce in his own book, but Snyder's sadistic love for inflicting pain on Batman holds no limits, as things in Rotworld Gotham are pretty fucked. Last month we saw Alec Holland's introduction Barbara Gordon, who had gained Man-Bat like powers, this month, we see just how overrun Gotham became when the Rot took over.

So, like I said, last month we found out that Batman had fallen to the Rot, and Barbara Gordon had taken the Man-Bat serum, giving her enough of a connection to the Red to be immune to the Rot.

But the real story is, how she was able to get the serum. Bruce was able to retrieve it, with intents of taking it himself, but became infected by the Rot in the process. Now, Barbara keeps him chained up in the Batcave, for the slight chance that a cure is ever found.

But, before he fully transformed, Bruce left something for Alec.

What did he leave Alec? Well, that, we'll get back to that later, first, we must check in on the human stronghold of Gotham... Arkham Asylum, guarded by these fellows...

You see, Bruce pulled an old Amanda Waller trick out of the bag, informing many of Arkham's inmates  immune to the Rot that he had planted bombs in their necks, and if Arkham's population went below 200, they'd explode, killing them. He lied, of course.

But what we find is that Bruce was working on replicating Alec Holland's plant formula, that allows greenery to grow in any environment, in an attempt to weaponize it against the Rot... and weaponize it he did... but as Alec is finishing up the formula, Arkham comes under attack by Giganta and this guy:

Yep, seems Gordon didn't make it out well... Nevertheless, the fight at Arkham is never seen, but Alec and many of Arkham's residents make it to Arcane's stronghold to bring war to the Rot...

The stronghold is also guarded by members of the Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad, yay Starling.

BUT FUCK THAT NOISE! Because it's time for Bruce's real present to Alec!

A god damn Bat Robot filled with the Green rich formula, and for Alec himself...

He uses Bane's venom injector to pump his body full of the bio-restorative formula, giving him all the power he needs from the Green, Rotworld was lacking.

And then in Animal Man, if we find out that Calvin Rose's war agains the Court of Owls didn't go so well...


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