Monday, January 14, 2013

New Writer for Birds of Prey... AGAIN

So, remember when Jib Zub was announced as the new Birds of Prey writer? With interviews posted about it a WEEK ago? Well, HAHA, No.

Instead, Christy Marx (who has been doing a great job on Sword of Sorcery) will take over the title. Oh, we're not done there. Remember the Constantine title that is launching in March written by Robert Venditti? You can forget about him too, as Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes (who again, I have no problem with) will be taking over that title.

I... I don't know. Rant coming up.

DC will spin this as "oh we wanted a different direction" or "they had to much on their plate" as they already have, but I'm sorry, is this supposed to breed confidence in DC? After all the whispers and rumors of editorial mandates that are taking priority over what many writers would rather do, how is "oh nevermind, disregard the announcements we made, we changed our minds, lol!" supposed to come off as anything but?

Now, I'll once again say, I have no problem with the writers who have taken over their respective books, but it begins to illustrate a deeper problem of DC going back to the well in a new way. I have thought one of the major problems of The New 52 was the tendency to get writers from this well of guys who used to be in good with the higher ups. DC seemed to be moving away from that recently, by hiring a lot of indie (Image) oriented writers, who aren't exactly "new" talent, but new to mainstream super hero stuff. Changes like putting John Layman on Tec were fantastic ideas! Were all of them going to work out? Probably not, but at least they weren't writers who were big in the 90s over at Marvel.

But now… It's just DC picking and chosing internally. Like, okay Lemire and Fawkes are good… but they're already writing Constantine in JLD. I don't think I'm alone in saying that having another voice on the character would be benefictial. What would it be like if Scott Snyder wrote ALL the books with "Batman" in the title? It would be a terrible idea, quite honestly

This type of shit man... For anyone who thinks twice about it, it doesn't come off as smooth as DC would like to present it as.

Other than that, Jim Starlin's book is Stormwatch... whatever, it'll get cancelled in the wave after the next round.

Detective Comics won't be renumbered, but the number #900 has something to do with April's issue.

Other than that... Bleh.

(Source: CBR)


  1. Yeah, you present valid points, but we don't know for sure if it weren't the authors themselves who decided to back off and DC had to take the blame.

    1. Said pretty clearly that Zub was taken off, he posted about it on his blog too.