Monday, January 7, 2013

Jim Zub talks Birds of Prey

So you may have noticed that over the months, I post less and less links to interviews about all the Bat books. Mostly because either I just don't think anything interesting is said, or it's due to the fact that I've stopped reading them because some give a little too much away (*cough*Batman*cough*). But, that being said, this interview with soon-to-be Birds of Prey writer, Jim Zub really stood out to me.

I don't know how much I've really talked about it, but I loooooved Gail Simone's first run on Birds. Have every trade, and couldn't put them down when I first got them. A big part of Gail's run on the title was just the Birds being really good friends, and hanging out, something I the current title lacks in a way... So then Jim Zub says this:
"For me, Birds of Prey is about gathering together a tight-knit team based on trust. Two to five people who have each other’s backs against the rest of the world. Friendship, conviction and sacrifice aren’t the traits of a “female” story. They’re universal."
 Sign me the hell up! Looking forward to the 18th issue, and hopefully you are too. These characters are pretty awesome, and deserve more of a look than they're getting at the moment.

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. I like this interview a lot and look forward to a focus of character development and relationships in the next chapter. My question is: who is the fifth member? Zeb mentions that he's working with five characters but only mentions Dinah, Ev, Barbara and Mary. Who's the fifth?

    1. I'm going to take a swing and guess Ivy. The solicit of his first issue mention that the Daughters of the Dawn break into Belle Reeve to get someone.

    2. i feel like the series started losing its edge after she left. i really hope she comes back!

  2. The family connection is one of the big things that draws me to Bat books above all others. Dysfunctional or not, they are stuck with each other in ways the JLA or other teams are not. The relationships are also what I loved about Gotham City Sirens, and Suicide Squad has such comedic potential for being the exact oposite. The characters and relationships are far more interesting than the plot or action. Bring it on. Any Ivy would be cool, but for *#%!$ and giggles, wouldn't it be fun to throw Harley into that 'tight knit' group for a while?