Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stack Rundown, 12/29/2012

Well this was an easy week to write this post, compared to last. Only three issues to talk about, two of which I'm combining into one. Hooray for writing less than I have to!

Throne of Atlantis, Pt. 1 & 2

So, incase you've been living under a rock, I'm talking about Justice League and Aquaman #15 here, but combining them into one, since they were basically just one big 44 page Justice League issue. So far, this crossover has started off pretty entertainingly, with Atlantis flooding Gotham, Metropolis and Boston, leaving the Justice League to deal with the attack. Aquaman continues to be cool, Mera is still my favorite underwater lady and we get some quality Aqua/Bats time in the second part, where Aquaman reveals that even before they met, Atlantis saw Batman as a threat... you're god damn right. This also saw Ivan Reis and Paul Pelletier take over the two books, and bother were great, especially Ivan Reis, who is one of the best in the business today. The issue I have with this, I've spoke a bit on Twitter, and made a short post about earlier... This is most likely another instance of no one knowing what the fuck is happening in these issues prior to their release, a lot like no one knowing Superman and Wonder Woman would hook up. We're talking about No Man's Land level events happening in both Gotham and Metropolis, and are we going to see them play out in any other book? I'm willing to bet not. 

Mara #1

So, with hardly anything else to read this week, I decided to pick up Mara #1 from Image. Brian Wood is a guy you always hear good things about, and Ming Doyle's art looked pretty good. That being said, I came away from the first issue a bit underwhelmed. You've got a war torn society who has become so obsessed with sports culture that the system, aka cooperations has completely taken it over with advertising and propaganda. Then you have Mara, star volleyball player who has some supernatural abilities, that are revealed on live TV by accident at the end of the issue. Conceptually, it sounds pretty cool, but since this issue was mostly set up, I came out of it wanting a bit more. If the second issue doesn't sell me anymore, I may just wait for the trade release, or move on altogether. We'll have to see.

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  1. YUP! Totally agree on all 3 books. I especially liked Bats/Aquamans character interaction.