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Stack Rundown, 12/15/2012

Well this is a night little Stack Rundown post, two DC titles, two Image, and two Marvel... Nevermind one of the Image titles is technically a Top Cow book!

Deathstroke #15

I haven't read Deathstroke since DC replaced Kyle Higgins. Why? Well let's just say I hate pouches, and I'm all for the proper portrayal of feet in comics. I thought as a whole, Kyle Higgins' run was very under appreciated, and had a well defined, and consistent theme throughout. But what happened happened, no use crying about it. With Justin Jordan taking over the title, I jumped back on, because 1. I've liked a lot of what I've read from him so far, and 2. I support DC bringing in new/young talent like him. As expected, I enjoyed the issue a lot. The art could be upgraded, but it worked well enough. Slade was cunning, dialogue was snappy, and there was a good amount of violence, cus apparently Jordan didn't get enough out of his system with Luther Strode last week. I'm curious to see where this is going to go. I remember when Jordan came on initially, it seemed like he was doing two or so issues... then with the revelation that Gail Simone was supposed to take on the book, but now isn't, I'm wondering if Jordan has been given a bit more free range going forward.

Team 7 #3

Oh, hey there Justin Jordan book... haven't talked enough about you all apparently. I'll be honest, I enjoyed Deathstroke a lot more. My initial drawback on the issue was the jump in scenery. Last issue didn't end in a place that made the beginning of this one seamless. The inclusion of Essence from Red Hood and the Outlaws was... whatever, at best. And I sort of got lost and confused as to what exactly was happening at the end, other than Slade getting possessed by Eclipso. I think there are two issues with this series. First, it needs to be tightened up a bit. The new characters like Bronson and Higgins, I just don't see the point of them. There's just so many characters in the book, it seems like getting individual character moments will be few and far between. Next, the whole art situation has just been botched. The "series artist" has drawn a grand total of two issues, and I think his stuff is generic looking at best. Then the fill in following has been pretty much the same. I don't know... I still like the concept of the title, and will be sticking around, because at it's core, it is entertaining and provides an interesting look at past versions of some characters I like.

Hack/Slash #21

Why is it that whenever I get caught up on an Image title that's been going on for a bit, the next major thing to happen is "EVERYONE FUCKING DIES!" That's what's going down now, and Seeley isn't pulling any cliched "who dies, oh wait no one" tricks... people are dying, and a bunch of supporting characters are gone, and that's that. Trying to figure out what's actually going to happen to this series after the fact is kind of mind boggling... there's that Dynamite mini series following it, and then what? I don't know... I really done. This illustrates a major difference between creator comics and the big two... you can't do shit like this at DC or Marvel. You can kill a whole bunch of people off in a book like this, but spoiler alert... Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing are all going to be alive in February, sorry. I'd say "it takes balls to do this" but I mean... when it's a guy doing it in his own book and the only opposition would be fanboys on the internet? Yeeeah, I guess not, ha.

Artifacts #23

I like this book... I do... but I really feel it's been wasting my time and money recently. We have this reborn universe, okay, cool. Let's visit in on the bearer of the Heartstone. Fine, cool little ghost story, oh hey, the main character is back! Let's get this shit really going! aaaaaand two issue arc that seemed to not really have a lot to do with anything. This issue just bugged the shit out of me, because a good portion of it was an exorcism scene, of which most of the dialogue was just scripture passage, so I'm sitting there thinking "do I really need to read what's being said? Demon be gone, power of Christ compels you, yeah yeah." So I didn't! Just to check, I skimmed over it later, and safe to say I was right. At least there was a tease of Finch and Dani on the final page. Why? I don' know, but shit, at least I'm interested in those two.

Cable and X-Force #1

Oh hey! Another Marvel book I'm picking up because why the hell not? This is why I didn't want to get into Marvel... I'd get in deep. Regardless, like a lot of stuff I've read so far, I enjoyed it. I have a passing knowledge of who Cable is, and what has been going on recently with him and his daughter, so I wasn't all that lost. As with most #1 issues, there was a lot of set up, and given my pessimistic patience with all things Marvel at the moment, I'm glad to say that the way all the characters were portrayed kept me interested, as well as the art, which was particularly strong and too my liking. Really enjoyed the scene where Hope confronted her father. Looking forward to where this one goes... next week... god damn it, Marvel.

Avengers Arena #1

This was a game time decision pick up. I wasn't originally going to buy it, because I know who literally one of these characters is (X-23) and the entire concept is pretty fucked up. Killing kids in comics? Yeah, all we need is a walking pair of huge tits and an ass named aptly, "Titsenass"and we can cover our "what's wrong with comics" bases. Nevertheless, I picked this issue up out of pure curiosity, in an academic sense. I'm just interested to see how they do this and how they keep a book going on this concept. I don't particularly care about any of the characters, so if the title makes me, I guess it's mission accomplished? Still... just really interested to see how this works out.

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  1. If I may make a recommendation, try Avengers Academy. That's the book where a lot of these characters from Avengers Arena came from, specifically the young couple Mettle and Hasmat that were the focus. I felt it was consistently the best Avengers book on the market.