Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stack Rundown, 12/08/2012

It's another long Stack Rundown post, now with extra violence and Marvel shenanigans!

Swamp Thing #15

I've been waiting for this issue for a good while, Swamp Thing finally makes it to Gotham... well, Rotworld Gotham, but Gotham nonetheless. Snyder actually managed to pull off a few surprises, mainly the fact that Barbara Gordon has taken the Man-Bat serum to survive (and shoots RotBruce with a shot gun). Did not see that one coming. This one was definitely one of my favorite Rotworld issues (hey, I'm bias) which makes me sad that Yanick Paquette didn't draw this one, was really looking forward to that. What concerns me is, how do they end this? There are two issues left (the last of which ties into Animal Man) and it seems no where near a conclusion. I mean, I'm sure it will get wrapped up fine, I've been wrong before, but as of right now, it's sort of hard to predict how this is going to finish up with one more issue to itself left.

Animal Man #15

Have you ever wanted to see Beast Boy turn into a giraffe while wearing an army beret? No? Why the hell not? That's the kind of ridiculous shit I like. This issue probably brings up the biggest mystery of Rotworld, who is the Green Lantern hidden away in Metropolis. Superman was discussed a lot in the issue, but almost to the point where he was discussed too much for him to actually be the reveal. I also don't see the point of Superman being a Green Lantern to begin with, he's Superman. Weirder things have happened in this story, I guess.

Earth 2 #7

This book continues to be a fun ride, which I really wish DC would expand upon eventually. Robinson has a lot going on in this book, but has made all the characters and subplots pretty damn interesting. A good portion of this issue was dealing with the tension between the World Army guy, Amir, and Terry Sloan, who if you follow the series, know killed millions of people during the war five years ago. I'd use the chess game analogy if they didn't already address that directly in the issue, but seeing those two tip toe around each other intellectually is pretty intense in a completely different way then one would be used to. As for the rest, things begin to slowly be filled out here and there, like what happened to "our" Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl confronting Alan Scott, etc... really good book, overall. Oh! And this is how you do fill in well, get someone who is talented, not just some guy who can get stuff done quick and easily like some other books have been suffering from lately.

The Phantom Stranger #3

Spoiler Alert: Dan Didio should probably not write anything... anymore. I went into this book with an open mind, and I'm coming out thinking "what the fuck is the point?" Four issues in, and this book already feels like it's just treading water, and that's a pretty bad sign. I don't know what the "plan" for this book is, but what we are getting and how it is presented just feels like a bunch of boring, random occurrences that mean nothing in a grand scheme. I'd love to see someone like Fialkov on this book, after what he's done in I Vampire, but like hell this book will get any creative changes in the writer department. Whose the editor going to go to if he thinks a new writer should be brought on? I think I'm done.

Action Comics #15

What was it, two issues ago when it was finally confirmed 5th dimension Imps were coming into play? I mean, we all saw it coming, but then it finally got confirmed, and I had one thought: "Well... shit." It's no secret, but I haven't been able to grasp onto this title the way I have with other Morrison books, and getting all 5D on me doesn't help. As always, I get a general grasp of going on, but at my core, all I can think is "Lol, wut?" I'll be honest, part of me just didn't even bother to try, what's the point? Half of this is going to be lost on me anyways! Would I say this is a bad book? No. It's just not for me, but I'm doing my Morrison fan obligation and just seeing it to the end. Who knows, maybe in the next two issues I'll finally get it, and the 5th dimension will make all the sense in the world!

Invincible #98

And so begins "The Death of Everyone" and sure enough, everyone be dying! Well, not any main characters yet, but like Las Vegas, a bunch of cities in the Invincible world are getting seriously messed up. You know what this reminds me of? Only because I read it first... Geoff Johns' early Green Lantern stuff. Plots are always getting started, left on a burner, come back to it some issues later, and they turn out to be huge. Yeah... just good super hero stuff, in general. I'm really interested in who is actually going to die. Naming your story "The Death of Everyone" is talking a big game.

The Legend of Luther Strode #1

I've been looking forward to this book for a couple of months now, ever since I finished reading Strange Talent, and boy did it not disappoint. Five years have passed since average nerd Luther Strode had turned into a killing machine, and now he's like Batman... if Batman was almost as big as the hulk, and went around punching people's faces in, slicing heads off at the jaw, tearing out hearts, etc. Yeah, this book is violent as all hell, and Tradd Moore's stylized art makes it so over the top where it just becomes awesome, rather than disgusting. The whole vibe of this book is interesting, I'm wondering if Luther will even be considered the main character, let alone talk. I think it would be interesting if he was handled as that Batman legend character, and the bulk of  the series would be the crime family, and Luther's ex, trying to kill him. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

Thunderbolts #1

Ah! Marvel! Yes, yes... there's a first for everything. Thunderbolts is one of those books I saw while picking through all the Now titles and thought "that cover looks cool, why not?" and well, I haven't exactly been given a reason why not, just yet... or a reason to continue picking it up long term. Essentially, this book was a #0 issue more than anything. Red Hulk recruiting Punisher, Deadpool, Elektra and Venom... other than that, we're not sure as to why. That's about it... hopefully the second issue that comes out later this month gives the book more of a sense of purpose, or else I'm just going to cut ties and move on, as anything Marvel is already on shaky ground for me to begin with.

Avengers #1

So, let me give you the rundown of a cynical DC fan who is just starting to read Marvel because whatever's take on Avengers #1. "Oh look, the movie line up of the Avengers, that's transparent... now they're trapped on Mars... who the fuck are you people?!" Like, I get what this book is supposed to be, and how it and New Avengers are going to be the Marvel book supposedly... I get it, but I question how it fits along with the Now sensibility of being new reader friendly. Because that last page, I obvioulsy know who Spiderman (OR DO I?!) and Wolverine are. Then I know SpiderWoman and Captain Marvel in name only. The rest? Not a fucking clue. "But FHIZ, you already cynically made a note of Marvel's transparent move to star the book with the movie cast, and now you're complaining it's not new-reader friendly?" Yeah, well, fuck you, haha. It's still transparent as all hell, and I don't like it (and expect DC to start it soon) but this is just what happens when a DC lifer starts reading Marvel. In all seriousness though, I've heard a lot of good things about Hickman, mainly Morrison comparisons, so I am looking forward to digging into what he's doing here.

All New X-Men #3

Three issues into this series and I get the Bendis/Johns comparisons... I can't fully explain it, but I just get it. Not like that's a bad thing though, I thoroughly enjoy Johns stories for what they are, and that's the same way I'm approaching this book. I'm interested in the whole (sort of dumb) time travel old version confronting new version sort of deal, as well as the changes that the Pheonix brought to the mutant race. It's pretty interesting and has so far done a good job of holding my attention. I'm curious though, with Bendis launching Uncanny X-Men with Cyclops and company next year, what is this book going to turn into? I mean, how long can you keep the "old X-men running around in the present" schtick going?

Deadpool #3

I read a pretty bad review on this issue at Newsarama, which says something off the bat right there, but nevertheless, they brought up the point that when you boil this book down, it's really just a bunch of panels of Deadpool doing stuff and spouting off borderline relevant one-liners. I have to agree with it, but as with a lot of bad reviews from that site with scores such as 2/10, I have to think they're taking things waaaaaay too fucking seriously. This is a book about a notoriously ridiculous character killing zombie versions of dead presidents... and that's pretty awesome. There is no attempt at anything intellectual, or big long term Morrison-esque story telling, it's fucking Deadpool kicking Nixon in the balls for god's sake! To review that with the same standards as one would take to other books of deeper content, is just stupid. Saying it's a 2/10 book is saying it is amongst the worst books one has ever read. Really? Really?! Fuck that. Someone needs to get over themselves and have a little fun. I use this example a lot: The Bay Transformer movies. Fucking terrible movies at their core, but you're damn right I want to see Optimus Prime bust out a lava sword and stick it in a Decepticon's face. Sitting around talking about the bad narrative structure is just a complete waste of time... like reading Newsarama reviews! HEYOOOO.


  1. I was disappointed by the art of Swamp Thing, I thought the borders were too blended together. It was hard to follow, definitely not my favorite issue of Rotworld

  2. Was that Green Lantern supposed to be Superman? I didn't read it like that - just figured it was another member of the Corps who got roped into Rotworld.

    1. I'm pretty sure at a recent convention the ID of Green Lantern in Rotworld is someone, not just some random ass corps member. I only brought up Superman because he was so heavily talked about in the issue.

    2. Actually, now I'm pretty sure it's Medphyll making his New 52 debut.

  3. Jusy wanted to throw in, if you are a fan of Yale Stewarts mini DC characters in JL8 he is doing back up in Legend of Luther Strode