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Stack Rundown, 12/01/2012

So, your average end of the month "man I have a lot to write up" Stack Rundown post. If you've been following me on Twitter the past few days, I've been talking about reading a bunch of Marvel Now stuff, but I'll save that for a separate post for tomorrow.

I, Vampier #14

What can I say? This book is still fantastic, I'm a broken record at this point. Unfortunately, this was Andrea Sorrentino's final issue on the series, as he'll be moving on to Green Arrow with Jeff Lemire. Boy did he go out in style, is this was the first full issue of Andrew being straight up evil. He's a dick! I'm really in awe in how far they've gone in this transformation. It's not some melodramatic "I see hints of the good Andrew!" No. No, he's 100% evil. Killing dogs evil! (Yeah, I never like that). Now he's also starting to grow his ranks, turning a young magician who he says even Constantine would fear. The only thing I didn't like about this issue is something I'm going to have to wait until the next to know if I'm right about or not, and that is the status of Deborah, who was reintroduced last issue. Deborah was Andrew's companion from the old series, and she seemingly bails by the end of this issue. The dynamic between her and Mary could have been great, hopefully I'm wrong on this one. Regardless, great series, one of DC's best, read it!

Aquaman #14

So, this was the prelude of the Aquaman/Justice League crossover, "Throne of Atlantis." Cool, right? Well, sure... but I can only focus in on one thing: the choice to keep Ocean Master in shadows through the ENTIRE issue. It makes absolutely no sense to me. We know who he is, Aquaman is talking to him directly! We see what he looks like, he's on the cover! So why the hell is he hidden the entire issue? There's no mystery to it, he's just in shadow, and it's weird. That is all.

Justice League Dark #14

On to Justice League Dark! John Constantine is apparently the spooky Batman, and knows a lot, except Batman's identity! TAKE THAT! Regardless, two big things came out of this week's issue while Amethyst, Frankenstein and Black Orchid explored the House of Mystery. First, Black Orchid finds out that Constantine knows a lot, about damn near everyone. Second, Phantom Stranger turned up (as well as Pandora) and teased a "war" approaching, "among the three." And with that, Jeff Lemire has said more about Trinity War than ANYONE since FCBD. How fucked is that? There's keeping a secret, but I mean, come on... release another teaser, say who's drawing the inevitable mini series, something! Regardless, as for the rest of the book, I like the interaction between Orchid, Amethyst and Frankenstein a lot. Shame Amethyst will probably not be around in any larger capacity, as her and Frankenstein are my favorite in that trio.

The Flash #14

As I said last month, Flash is an odd book. I really like it, but I don't have a lot to say about it. It's just a perfectly good super hero book that is entertaining and a beauty to look at. It's weird... that's about as far as my opinion goes on it. I will say though, that it seems the cat is out of the bag for Barry and his secret ID, at least for Patty and Captain Frye, so that could lead to some interesting plot points coming up. But yeah... still a good book, don't let my lack of insight fool you.

Teen Titans #14

Hey look! A Death of the Family teaser! Bet you didn't see that one coming! Well, as for the first 19 pages, this dealt with a few things, first being the whole Cassie armor thing, ex boyfriend, yadda yadda. I didn't really care for that. Meanwhile, Black Canary's husband, Kurt, is contacting Solstice, and telling her there's a way to turn her back into her human form. We also learn that his meta power is the ability to manipulate the metagene in others who possess it, so you can probably make your conclusions as to how Dinah got her Canary Cry. Then there are some trust issues with Tim not revealing his identity, then Joker leaves the Titans a present. THE END. It was alright, nothing bad about it really, it was at least interesting at points. I'll say Fabian Nicieza's scripting has seemed to tighten up the book a bit, allowing Lobdell to not be stretched as thin, so that's a good thing. Full coverage of the next two issues.

All-Star Western #14

Can anyone tell me why I'm still reading this title? It's not bad or anything, I'm just not all that interested in it anymore... yet I keep buying it. Just not my thing, honestly. The Gotham novelty has worn off and... eh, I don't know. I'll give it the end of the arc, make a cleaner break.

Superman #14

KENNETH ROCAFORT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. That is all... No, but really, he's awesome. I'm in this book for him first, everything else second. Kinda wish that Blond stayed on coloring him, but I'm liking Sunny Gho's colors as well. Anyways, on to the actual story... this is weird, it's a crossover, but I'm not reading the other two books. Managing to keep up on the basics of what's going down, but the completionist in me is both freaking out, and not caring at the same time. Superman in this book seems really young, and I get that he technically is now, but the way he speaks and acts all seems... a bit more normal. He's not all holier than thou, so to speak. This is a good thing for me, I guess, because I don't find him as boring, but at the same time, I sort of know that's pretty different in terms of characterization. I don't know, weird situation... BUT KENNETH ROCAFORT'S ART IS FANTASTIC!

Bedlam #2

On to the creator owned stuff! I think I'm right in saying this, but I found this issue of Bedlam to be much more straight forward, but nevertheless, still very creative and interesting. More of what we saw last issue comes into a more distinct light, and we begin to see how the title is going to be structured. For instance, I wasn't aware that the doctor who operated on Madder Red's brain was going to continue to be in contact with him, as sort of a fucked up Dr. Phil for him. Me not realizing this could totally be my fault, or it could be the fact that there was a lot of info to digest in that first issue, especially given that I had read the first 22 pages like a month earlier. I don't know. But like I said about Revival last week, it sometimes takes a little while for me to truly get any given Image book, so this issue being a bit more straight forward was a welcome turn of events for me.

American Vampire #33

And the big finale of "The Blacklist" came and went. Can't say I was too surprised with Henry's Death, but despite that, it still maintained the high level of emotion needed for that big blow. I truly do wish that he had been turned, and they certainly teased that idea early in the issue, but alas, it was a no go. The big thing for me, since I wasn't surprised by the death, is trying to think where this book goes from here. You have Felicia being asked to head the VMS over in the last mini, Skinner is on the loose, again, and Pearl is essentially gone AWOL. You can't deny that this is a huge turning point for the series, and it just sucks to think that after next month's epilogue, we'll probably not find out what is in store for the title until the fall of 2013. But, I'm sure after that break, the title will come back, and come out swinging.

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