Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SPOILERS: Suicide Squad #15

So, as where we left off, Joker is choking Harley at ACE Chemicals, until the point where she passes out. Upon her coming too, she soon finds her self at the edge of another acid bath, as Joker is going to give a refreshing dip of sorts. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller and Yo-Yo are watching it all unfold through a secret lens Waller had planted on Harley's eye. Waller is showing it all to Yo-Yo to gain his trust, so he can spy on the squad, and in return, she'll teach him to gain respect.

The short end of the rest of the story goes... Harley breaks free of the planned dip, only to find her hyenas have been given rabies, because like him, Joker has freed them... or something. Harley and Joker start fighting after she kills her hyenas which ends up in Joker biting off part of Harley's ear, poisoning her. Harley pretends to give in, and ends up biting Joker's tongue when they kiss. Joker kicks her, and she finally passes out.

Here's the kicker. Joker is bored of Harley, claiming she's lost her way and will never be his Harley, so instead of just killing her or sending her back to prison, he leaves her chained up to die with the others. Yes, there's a room of skeletons of other Harley's who have failed Joker over the years. Like Batman had multiple Robins, Joker had multiple Harley side kicks... I count eight full bodies.



Moving on... Joker leaves to do the stuff in Batman #14, comes back and Harley isn't there. Hours later at Belle Reeve, Harley shows up on the doorstep, having broken her wrists and wiggled free... then Deadshot wakes up, just cus.


The Good:

There were some good interactions at times, and at other times, I really did enjoy the art.

The Bad:

We'll save the big one for last. First off, I just don't like Harley and Joker fighting. It's just lame to me. I much rather would have had Harley been assisting Joker more rather than some forced grudge match. It just didn't feel right. 

Joker's dialogue also just seemed way to straight forward. There was no heart behind it, just poorly "LOOK HOW CRAAAAAZEEEE I AM" conceived sentences. This also just feels like it missed the point. The rest of the Death of the Family books have been heavy on mind games, destroying what the main characters love. Here, that's not really what we get. Maybe it's because Harley really isn't part of the family, but it just made this issue feel uniformed.

Now on to multiple Harleys... thats the definition of "New 52 bullshit." It's just fucking stupid, I'm sorry. I don't know if it was Glass, or the editors, but I have to assume someone said "Wouldn't it be cool if..." at some point, and no, no it isn't... It's just dumb, dumb... dumb dumb dumb... dumb.

The Bottom Line:

With the first issue being way too light on the Joker stuff, and this issue just striking out, I have to say this has been the biggest disappointment of the cross over. I feel like hearts were in the right places, just the execution fell flat.



  1. Hey, I think this issue was solid. The Joker dialogue was lacking. He seemed to be saying that cutting his face off made him free? Seemed a poor way to describe why he is the way he is, which really doesn't need an answer.
    As far as the multiple Harley's, I think it was at least an interesting, if not good, idea. I didn't take it to mean they were literally named "Harley" just more people that were captivated by Joker. I think it makes Harley a stronger character and shows how close they are. I agree it is a big change.
    As far as the ending, I literally flipped through the issue because I thought I missed some pages! It's cool that Deadshot is back, but was definitely poorly executed.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how ridiculous it was to think Harley walked back to Belle Reeve, STATES away

  2. Yeah dissapointed here too. Just another 'Harley is her own person' effort. The thing is, she's much more interesting when she's not. Any why does she need to be anyway? What's wrong with only being a sidekick/girlfriend? Issues 6 and 7,showing Harley and Joker meeting, were so much deeper and interesting. That Joker was interesting. This was so obvious and cliched that I was wondering just how much Glass actually wrote. Maybe the problem is that he had to write somone elses' Joker. This Joker is a very different character than Glass wrote in 6 and 7. Maybe it pissed him off enough that he decided to put minimal effort into it. Here's hoping he write a real reunuin for them down the road.

  3. These two issues were really lacking for me and that "twist ending" just left a horrible taste in my mouth. I guess I just miss old Harley. Hell, I think the Arkham City version would be a fantastic way to interpret her into the New 52 but they just keep tweaking things that aren't broken. Egh.

  4. I loved this issue because the thing that Harley loves that Joker was trying to destroy was her love for him which I just loved

  5. Hahah I loved the part where Joker smashed his face against the wall! rabies make hyenas shrink?

  6. My resigned dissapointment has worn off and I'm annoyed boarding on angry about this issue now. It could have been so much better.

    Since the whole point of DOTF is that the Joker believes the Bat-Family is making Batman weak, why wouldn't he look at Harley the same way? If you really want them fighting, there's a perfectly good plot point/theme to do it with.

    Harley has been verbally and actively loyal to the Joker all thru SS up to this point. So having her suddenly go all independant is coming out of left feild. And the catalyst found out in that left field is the Joker being mad that she's with Deadhot and loyal to SS now? Since when? She had one grope-scene with Deadshot way back in what, issue 3? There hasn't been any sign of anything between them since then.

    And none of SS give a damn about each other. That's why SS a fun team to read. They aren't any of the things a good team should be. So why is the Joker calling them her family in the previous issue? And in this one we have Waller saying the Joker loves Harley, followed by a vicious break-up. Support people. If you make a statement about a character's motivations it helps you point to have some suporting evidence. Or it's just contrived and lame. And this was.

    A lot of people have been complaing about SS, but I really had no problems with the writing until these two issues. What's going on? Has Adam Glass been body-switched?