Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #15

So, back in Japan, in a somewhat confusing move, apparently Condor is back with cooperating with the Birds? Sure, because he's interrogating someone to find out about the dagger clan, and he eventually finds out about the bomb that the clan plans to set off in a matter of hours.

Elsewhere, Black Canary meets up with Batgirl and Starling and decides they need to find Katana. Turns out the tracking device Ev put on Katana is still working, and the Birds find out that she's being held in a facility several hundred feet below sea level.

Tied up, Katana wakes up to find her sword (with her husband's soul in it) being dipped into a smelter. The Dagger Clan boss Garasuki does the bad guy thing to do and reveals that his plan is to set off the bomb and blame it on Katana, while the Clan pulls a suicide cult sort of thing... too bad the Birds show up to the party.

During the comotion, Dinah's Canary Cry begins to freak out on her, and go crazy, a lot like it would when her "late" husband Kurt would be near (in Teen Titans it was revealed that his powers manipulate the metagene in others). Deeper in the facility, Katana manages to break free, and retrieve her sword before it gets completely melted.

Just as the Birds make their way to the room Katana is being held in, the arrive just after Condor shows up with the weird bomb the Clan decided to set off. Katana gets the idea to slice it in half, her husband's soul telling her that it'll be fine, and sure enough, it is.

With the bomb destroyed, it's only a matter of time before the vengeful Katana beats the Dagger Clan's boss, and leaves the followers in a state of being crazed followers with no leaders, thus nothing to blinding follow.

As the Birds head to the airport, Katana tells her team that she's going to stay behind and clean up the mess, making sure the Dagger Clan stays neutered. Dinah tries to sort of talk Katana out of it, but Ev initiates a big group hug, and gets them on their way. On the plane, Ev asks Dinah about the freak Canary Cry, but the question is dodged as Dinah makes Ev promise not to bring it up with Babs.

Later in Gotham, Babs meets with Dinah and Ev, bringing up the fact that their recent fight makes her certain that they need a fourth member... and she's got an idea. She reminds both Dinah and Ev that Poison Ivy was brought on the team because she had a particular skill, so in a way, she tells her teammates to brace themselves as she reintroduces them to Mary, the Talon that tried to kill her.

"Crap, we're dead," as Ev puts it.


The Good:

This was really fun and action packed, PLUS, it actually had a proper ending to the arc, which don't really happen in this book, haha. The team dynamic is just fun, and Katana really shined in this issue. Also, even though there was fill in, Ryp's work was really good, and I'm looking forward to his Nightwing fill in issues. Also love the slow reveal of the Kurt Lance stuff.

The Bad:

Batgirl's costume is still fucking colored incorrectly. At this point, I'm blaming the editors. Great job, guys. At least she's colored correctly on the cover of #18... IN MARCH. Other than that, I just didn't get Condor, didn't get his motivation, why he bailed last issue, and came back to help this one... really underdeveloped. 

The Bottom Line:

I'm not sure if the way this arc panned out was Duane's idea, rather than editorial saying "get rid of Katana so Geoff Johns can use her" but regardless, it was fun, and wrapped up nicely. The inclusion of a Talon (probably another editorial thing) is also an interesting idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Duane does with his final two issues of the series.


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  1. You know, I wasn't a fan of Condor showing up either. It just seemed kind of pointless. However, I don't mind the way the colorist is doing Barbara's suit. It kind of makes it unique from her ongoing title. I like both the costumes.