Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #15

While Batwoman and Wonder Woman descend into Gotham, from the ground, Maggie Sawyer watches their descent, and recollects over the past few days, in a noir-ish style.

Maggie has taken the fact that she's still not found the missing kids, pretty hard. She's almost haunted by the fact. With Medusa waging war on Gotham, the shit has hit the fan pretty quickly, and Maggie has to deal with a lot. Maggie eventually gets Chase and the DEO to actually support the GCPD, rather than run continuous recon on Medusa, and later has to confront the group of parents whose children are missing, and plan to take action themselves.

Maggie finds the group of parents inside a church, armed, but barely. She tries to reason with them, that bats and kitchen knives won't do anything to Medusa. One of them has a gun, but for their own safety, Maggie eventually has to use force to take it away from them. She then finds out that the mother in charge's husband had already gone out to confront their children's captors.

Maggie finds the man, with a single hand gun, surrounded by multiple soldiers of Medusa. When the soldiers attack, they're all flooded out by the Weeping Woman, who promises to "free" them all, but the man tells her that only god can free him, and god forgives her, he does as well. With the Weeping Woman gone, Maggie comforts the distraught father.

After returning the man to his wife, Maggie goes into the streets of Gotham yet again, and eventually does spot a chain gain of children off in the distance, but before she can give chase, a car lands in front of her and Bullock, and we're brought back to the beginning, where Kate and Diana make their entrance, and all Maggie can think about is Kate being brought back to her safely.


The Good:

This issue was an interesting change of pace, in more ways than one. The noirish style was pretty cool, and we got some interesting insight into Maggie's history, most notably in her thoughts on religion, and her past relationship with her family. A stand out, was a story about her father when he suspected she was gay. Pretty sad. This issue really did help develop Maggie into something more than a supporting character.

The Bad:

For everything the issue does well, at the end of the day, it was a huge momentum blocker. I feel like this should have happened before where the previous issue ended. I just want to see Batwoman and Wonder Woman going to war in Gotham. Also, while I liked Trevor McCarthy's art, I think he should have just done the whole issue. Both pages Williams drew were pretty much the same page, drawn twice, a bit differently... don't know what the point was.

The Bottom Line:

The fact that this was a bit of a momentum blocker wasn't exactly a surprise, but I did find myself way more invested in the story than I thought I would be. I'd like to say it reminded me of the old Chase series, but it's been a while, so I can't say for certain. Regardless, the change of style and the nice character beats made for a pretty good read.


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