Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #15

With his childhood friend Dawn, bleeding out, David charges at Father Lost, giving in to his anger. Father Lost uses this to his advantage, and takes control of David's mind. We find out Father Lost's parents also died of AIDs, and he got his powers from some magic lady in the wilderness, or something.

Kia and some cops show up, and Father Lost manipulates David's emotions into attacking them, having his anger be aimed towards their corruption. Gun fire doesn't do much to stop him, as he starts doing some damage. Unable to get through to him, Matu Ba is forced to lock up David's armor remotely, and sends an electrical charge through him to bring him back to reality.

David regains control of himself, and finds himself surrounded by police, Father Lost gone, and Dawn still wounded. With out thinking twice, David grabs Dawn, and flies to a hospital, where she's saved.

David talks to Dawn a bit, then to Matu, and they come up with a plan to stop Father Lost by using some sort of electrical grid to break Father Lost's followers from his command... and that's what happens.

Dawn disappears from the hospital, Kia seems to have figured out David is Batwing, and that's a wrap.


The Good:

It's fine... I guess. 

The Bad:

The fact that I just don't have anything to say about this issue. It was clearly a "new writer comes in mid-arc, sweep that old stuff under the rug a little too easily" sort of deal. It was above all else, average, and that's it. Only now, we don't have Marcus To illustrating anymore. Fiorentino's art was a little better than I had expected, but that's not saying a lot.

The Bottom Line:

Batwing started off as a promising book, relatively new character, good art, world building, but since the start of this arc, I've just felt it has lost it's spark, and this issue just wrapped things up a little to cleanly. My attitude has gone from "Man, this is a surprising title." to just "meh," real quick. It's unfortunate, it really is. This book has gone on for longer than anyone probably thought it would, but I feel as if it's worn out it's welcome a bit, and is working on borrowed time. Again, I don't expect this book to make it past May.


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