Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #15

Note: This takes place after a key scene in issue #15.

The family has just had its big meeting, and Bruce has once again confined Damian to the Batcave, as someone needs to man the HQ at the batcave... Speaking to his dog Titus, Damian has other plans, and begins to investigate where Alfred was abducted, eventually finding some hyena markings on the premises, leading him to the zoo.

Look... let's just skip the foreplay, Damian falls prey to Joker, and lands in a trap, as he finds himself in a big ol' Robin egg, as Joker plays about in his cage.

Like the Catwoman issue that tied into the event, this is a lot of talking, albeit while Damian takes a few swings at Joker, so it's a bit of a tough issue to write up, if I want to avoid explaining every single page and what is said in detail.

Essentially, Joker runs down what he thinks Robin means to Batman, and vis versa, hinting at quite a few things, such as how Batman is such a large father figure to Robin, and what not. It all ends with Joker revealing he knows what Robin's biggest fear is, that he'll be responsible for the death of Batman, his father figure. So Joker has set up a little game, and a Jokerized Batman emerges from a pit of maggots, ready to fight Robin... or so we think...


The Good:

Get a few things out of the way so I can talk about the big ones. First, loved the conversation between these two. Second, lots of references to their fist meeting in Morrison's issues. Finally, GOOD GOD, THE ART. This is hands down the best issue I've seen Pat Gleason draw. Mick Gray's use of blacks and shadows has been a stand out through the series, but is also his best here. Joker looks so god damn creepy, and the choice to have his eyes sometimes be shadowed behind his mask makes it look that much creepier. Seriously, I couldn't help but get over how good the art was.

The Bad:

Kind of wish a bit more happened... There's a line I think that has to be met between the talking and the action, and if you don't appreciate what's being said, there's not a whole lot going on in this issue. The last scene is a bit wtf too... but I'm at least hoping it's not as it really seems.

The Bottom Line:

Despite the somewhat lack of action, this issue really digs deep into a dynamic of Robin, and Joker's perception of him. Joker and Damian are just as interesting together as they were the first time and GOOD GOD, THE ART.


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  1. What I loved here s that it finally delivers what was promised. We have bben told the Joker was coming after each of them very personally, attacking their worst fears. Well, none of these people, Harley included, would really fear being killed. It's part of the job. Same thing with family/friends in dangewr. Been there, seen that. This was the Joker finally being a true psychological threat, which I feel is missing from the Harley and Gatgirl stories. I think the Nightwing story looks to be a very obvious one as well. This is the Joker, he should be able to torture them just by talking to them. An I loveed how they played with his face-mase. Ewwwww!!! In a gory/fun way.