Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Descent into Madness

A few weeks ago, earlier in the day I had been reading about the first issue of Deadpool recently released under the Marvel NOW! banner. Being familiar with Brian Posehn's comedy, I thought "maybe I'll look into that." This was a big deal, huge in fact. Why? Because up until then, I've never used my own money to buy a Marvel comic, ever.

So then I did, but I didn't read it until that night, where I had a bit too much Jameson, and ended up on Twitter, sarcastically playing a dramatic "I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE!" card. Then a bunch of people started tweeting me stuff like "read the Hawkeye series!" or "Deadpool sucks!" (I'll get to that later) and most notably James Tynion telling me I should read some Daredevil stuff, and in my inebriated state I thought "well shit, he writes things, I have to listen to him right?"

Regardless of that night, the next morning I woke up and thought "What the hell am I doing?" and deleted the Marvel App from my iPad, as I didn't really want to go down that rabbit hole...

Until two weeks later, when I did just that...

Now, let it be known, when I said I had never bought a single Marvel comic ever, I meant it. Long story short, I simply never cared. I was a Batman fan before I could say "comic fan," and through Batman, I eventually got into the DCU. Marvel never had Batman, so like I said... didn't care. The closest I ever got to Marvel was when I watched the old X-Men animated series as a kid. So yeah, me and Marvel... never on great terms.

So, I've got no idea what sparked this, but one day I was talking about Marvel's pricing, and everything I find wrong with it, especially in the digital space. I was curious to see what the market for their $3.99 issues' digital redemption code was like on eBay, and I soon found myself looking at $12 of comics for a measly $5. With that opportunity, "fuck it" was said, and history was made.

The three comics I managed to pick up that day were the first issues of Uncanny Avengers, All New X-Men, and Thor: God of Thunder, all pretty high profile books in the NOW! brand. I figure those books were easily accessible, and had heard some interesting things behind the concepts, like the Past/Present/Future set up of Thor. So, I downloaded those, re-downloaded my copy of Deadpool, and let them sit for a day while I read my usual stack of comics.

I eventually got to the three issues, and read them one by one, and you know what... they were pretty good. I knew enough general knowledge of what needed to be known in books like Uncanny Avengers and All New X-Men, and Thor was an easy read because it is off doing its own thing. So with those initial reactions in mind, I ended up getting the second issues of all four books I've tried so far, and have even gone through the list of Marvel NOW! titles and made note of ones I may be interested in checking out.

So, I liked some Marvel titles, does that mean I'm a Marvel fan now? Expect some Avengers Spoilers spin off sites? Well, not so fast. Here's the thing... I still don't really care, and that's a good thing. As far as I'm concerned, these are just some comics that have the ability to entertain me, in terms of a bigger picture, whatever. So yeah, when Age of Ultron rolls around, guess who won't care in the least bit? The way I'm reading this titles at the moment, I have no preconceived notions or expectations as someone who has been reading Marvel for awhile would. I'm going in with a blank slate and all I care about is if I'm entertained or not. I went into a Marvel themed board just to check out what the general thought surrounding some of these titles were, and HOLEEESHIT, I thought DC fanboys were bad... apparently every Marvel fan hates everything. Yeah, that's the kind of shit I'm glad I'm avoiding this time around.

So far, each title has managed that pretty well. Thor is the shit, best one I've read so far. Has pretty much no connection to the Marvel Universe as a whole, and deals with him being a rad viking in the past, present and future, dealing with a killer of gods. Deadpool, well, I know enough about Deadpool to just say, it's Deadpool. The concept of him just going around killing zombie versions of the old presidents of the USA is pretty god damn funny, especially the second issue with Teddy Roosevelt. As for the other two, they're more tied into AvX fallout, but easy enough to follow, and both have their own interesting hooks.

So yeah, long story short, I'm enjoying some Marvel books, surprise, surprise. I've had the same sort of revelation I had as a video game fan a few years back. Anybody frequent the message boards years back? Remember System Wars, where people would go to fight about which was better? Remember how it doesn't fucking matter?! That's pretty much my way of thinking about comics now... I don't give a shit, really. I'm a DC fan first and foremost, like how I use my 360 as my default console, but when some stuff comes out for the PS3 or Wii, whatever man, I have those too, and I'll play 'em.

All this being said, I still have major issues with Marvel's business model, most of which (if not all) are due to their sales practices. Double shipping books, endless events, $3.99 for standard size books with nothing added to the offer (even digitally), and the lack of any real schedule to digital price drops. Yeah, all of that is some bullshit which will make me seek out digital redemption codes for those $3.99 books. So yeah, gonna have some real complications fully jumping on board as long as those things continue to happen, which will probably be for awhile.

And that's it, that's my trip to the dark side. So now, expect some Marvel titles to be popping up in my Stack Rundown posts. I have my eyes on books like the two X-Force titles, or Secret Avengers by Nick Spencer. Some like Thunderbolts I'm going about as "Well, that's a cool looking cover... alright!" No idea what is going to stick or not, but I'm having fun getting into this stuff, despite my casual approach.




  1. If I may make a few recommendations to think about? Hawkeye is indeed pretty damn good. I might also suggest thinking about getting Rick Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force, since it's been pretty much tied with Wolverine & The X-Men as the best X-titles. Finally, Jonathan Hickman's run on Fantastic Four/FF has been AMAZING and his upcoming run on Avengers looks good as well.

    Also, I hate to be that guy, but Deadpool fought Teddy Roosevelt in #2. He fought FDR in #1.

    1. 1. Yeah, I'll look into Hawkeye somewhere down the road.
      2. Uncanny X Force was one of those books that I always heard good things about, so if I have spare time/cash, that too.
      3. Eh, not really interested in the Fantastic Four or FF.
      4. Fixed, thanks.

  2. It was almost the same for me.. I was a Batman fan had read some comics before, European comics and stuff, but after I watch TDK I said " Have to read some dam Batman comics"
    An that was my introduction to DC's universe

    So how I got to the Marvel universe?I blame The new 52 but maybe I just wanted to read more comics...

    I think you picked the best from Marvel Now so I'm just going to say that Hawkeye is indeed a greet book

    I'm also reading Kieron Gillen Books (Iron Man, and Young Avengers) just cuz I like Kieron's writing style and cuz I'm following the adventures of Kid Loki from Journey into Mistery previous run.

    And I'm sure you want to read Morrison's New X-Men now