Thursday, December 13, 2012

Juan Jose Ryp drawing Birds of Prey #15?

Following the solicits for Nightwing #18, I went to look at Roger Bonet's work. While he's actually just inking the issue, apparently, I also found something of interest, this page listed in it's file name from next week's issue of Birds of Prey, inked by Bonet, over Juan Jose Ryp's pencils.

Ryp has been getting a lot of DC work here and there lately filling in for various books. I wouldn't be surprised if by the time next wave rolls around, we see him attached to a new book, or he could simply take over one.

(Source: Roger Bonet's Blog)

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  1. Well, I talked to him about the possibility of working for DC in a regular title but he told me he's only gonna do some fill-ins here and there and some covers when DC needs it 'cause he's gonna be mostly focused on his Image series "Clone" at least for the next summer. But I'd definitely like to see him drawing a Batman series!